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Microsoft Surface foldable device

Liquid-powered hinge might be seen on future foldable Surface device

Microsoft looks to be working on a foldable Surface device which will be similar to the Galaxy Fold as well as the Huawei Mate X. However, we might be in for a big change as it has been noticed by patent...
Windows 10 Calendar app

Windows 10 Calendar app’s new look revealed in leaked screenshots

We have seen that Microsoft is going with a design system called 'Fluent Design' for all of its apps. This is similar to Google's Material Design in terms of a basic idea but both the designs are entirely different. While we...
Windows Core OS

Windows 10 support document reveals the new Windows Core OS

Windows 10 is one of the best versions of Windows that has been released by Microsoft in a long time. However, we might also add that it is one of the buggiest versions of Windows as well. This is because we...
Microsoft Your Phone app

You can now sync battery level and wallpaper on Windows 10 with Your Phone app

One of the best things that has ever happened to the Windows and Android users is the Your Phone Companion app that was launched by Microsoft. This app is something that should suffice the needs of Android users for cross-compatibility with...
Windows 10 update issues

Microsoft issues warning to millions of users regarding its latest Windows 10 update

Microsoft, the creator of Windows, is often praised for the platform that is used by billions in this day and age. However, we must not say that the platform is perfect. In fact, Windows in its current form which is Windows...
Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Pro 7 specifications leaked in full

Microsoft has been releasing new tablets and laptops in its Surface lineup since a few years now. While this lineup has not been a massive success story like the MacBook lineup from Apple, we do know that they are doing quite...