Download ReviOS ISO File for Windows 10 & 11 (22H2)

Now, the official website has discontinued the ISO download. But there is a way to download it. Check out the guide for complete infrmation.

ReviOS ISO download is the most searched term by Windows 11 and 10 users. My computer was running slow, then I found this amazing solution. Like me, if you’re tired of slow startup times, frequent update notifications, and privacy concerns, try ReviOS Windows 11 ISO.

ReviOS 2024 offers a simplified, optimized, and privacy-focused alternative for both Windows 11 and Windows 10 (22H2), transforming your system without sacrificing compatibility.

The official website has discontinued the ReviOS ISO download. That’s why I wrote this article so you can get the direct link and install it on multiple computers.

What is ReviOS for Windows?

Are you looking for a way to speed up the system and enhance your Windows experience? ReviOS might be the answer. This alternative operating system (OS) aims to breathe new life into Windows by eliminating redundant tasks and services running in the background.

ReviOS ISO Download

ReviOS is based on a multi-layered approach, ensuring stability while delivering speed improvements. If you’re ready to customize your Windows experience, give ReviOS a try!

OS supportWindows 10, Windows 11
Latest version22H2
Latest releaseDecember 12, 2023

ReviOS Overview

If you are a gamer, then ReviOS ISO has a lot of benefits. Let’s check them out.

  • Performance and privacy: ReviOS prioritizes both performance and privacy by stripping out bloatware that halts the system and cutting down on the number of components running in the background without sacrificing stability.
  • Small footprint: ReviOS has a small footprint and size, making it an excellent fit for low-end systems.
  • Focus on gamers: With its emphasis on speed, ReviOS is particularly appealing to gamers.

Check out the minimum system requirements to install ReviOS on your computer.

Processor1 GHz Dual-core or more
RAM1 GB or more
Disk spaceAt least 15 GB of free space
System type64-bit
Installation mediaA DVD or a USB drive

ReviOS ISO Download (Direct Link)

Although, there the official website supports the ReviOS ISO file download, but still you can get it from third-party sources. Check out the below link to download the latest version.

ReviOS PlaybookDownload
ReviOS ISODownload

How to Install ReviOS 11 ISO (Bootable)

If you are looking for the latest ReviOS 22H2 version for Windows 10 and Windows 11, then check out the below steps.

1. Free Download

You can find a free download of the ReviOS ISO file on our website, because the official website no longer supports the ISO download.

2. Use a USB Drive

Burn the ISO to a USB drive using Rufus to create bootable media.

3. Windows Installation

Follow the standard Windows installation process using your bootable USB.

4. Highly Recommended

The official ReviOS documentation has detailed instructions for a smooth installation.

How do I download ReviOS playbook?

To download the ReviOS playbook, you need to download the AME Wizard and the latest ReviOS Playbook, launch the AME Wizard, and drag the ReviOS Playbook to the dedicated section.

What is ReviOS for?

ReviOS is a customized version of Windows designed to unlock your machine’s true potential with optimized performance, low latency, and reduced data collection, primarily targeting gamers, power-users, and enthusiasts.

My Experience with ReviOS

After trying out ReviOS 22H2 for myself, I can honestly say it’s been a game-changer, especially for my old laptop. My system feels snappier, programs launch quicker, and I haven’t experienced the annoying slowdowns that used to plague my Windows experience.

If you’re frustrated by bloatware and want a more customizable, streamlined Windows experience, download ReviOS ISO.


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