How to Update Google Chrome in Windows 10 Manually

If it is not updating automatically, then how to update Google Chrome manually? Here is the way to keep your chrome browser up to date.

Do you want to update Google Chrome in Windows 10 manually? Google Chrome is the widely used cross-platform web browser developed by Google. It is the most popular web browser across smartphone and desktop platforms. The regular update, clean UI, Tons of extensions, fast performance makes it the best web browser worldwide.

There are so many web browsers (ex. Firefox, Safari, Opera) available in the market, but Chrome is the choice of most of the Internet users. Android is the most popular mobile operating system, and it comes with Chrome. That’s it is the most used browser on the planet.

Should I Update Google Chrome

If you compare the update frequency of Chrome with Other browsers, then you’ll get a bigger difference. Without a doubt, it gets more updates compared to others. That makes it one step ahead from others.

An update brings more features, security, and performance in your software. It’s an excellent habit to update your operating system and software regularly. This concept is also applicable to Google Chrome. The team works hard to improve browsing experience on Chrome browser; that’s you should update it.

How to Check Chrome Version in Windows 10

Before going to the updating process, you should know what the latest version of Chrome is installed in your PC. Here are the steps to find that.

1. Open the Chrome browser in your computer.

how to update google chrome on windows 10

2. Click on the three dots vertical icon from the top-right of the browser → Help → About Google.

This page shows the currently installed version of Google Chrome and automatically checks the updates upon opening the page. That’s it.

How to Update Google Chrome Manually

There is no need to update your Chrome browser manually, because it keeps itself updated automatically. Every day it checks for the latest released updates and gets updated automatically.

But sometimes with the interfere of third-party software or any bug it can’t be updated. That’s why it’s your duty to check and install the latest version manually. Well, if you are facing this type of issue, then you should try the below steps.

1. On the Chrome browser, click the three dots menu → Help → About Google Chrome.

how to update google chrome manually

2. As soon as you open the About page, the Chrome starts checking for the latest. If it gets a response of the latest update, then it’ll download and install it on your computer. After the installation, you’ll see a “Relaunch” button right there. Just click on it to restart the browser. That’s it.

This is the way to update Google Chrome in Windows 10 manually. If you are still facing an issue with the installation process, then visit the official website and download the latest version there. You can use that file to update your browser to the latest version of Chrome in your computer.

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