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Is Windows 11 App Based

Is Windows 11 App Based?

Most computer users use Microsoft Windows because it's the easiest-to-use operating system around. Every new version gets bigger and better, giving users a more powerful system. But there's been some speculation about the future of Windows and whether it's app-based. The purpose...
Download Windows 11 Photo App

How do I Get the Windows 11 Photo App Right Now?

There are a lot of new features in Windows 11, so users can't wait to try them out. One of the features is the Windows 11 Photo App, which helps users organize their photos. It's no surprise why users are eager...
What Apps don't Work on Windows 11

What Apps don’t Work on Windows 11?

With the imminent release of Windows 11, users are excited to see what enhanced features and capabilities this latest version of the popular operating system will bring. As is the case with any new operating system, though, it's important to know...
Does the Windows 11 Insider Preview Support Directx 12

Does the Windows 11 Insider Preview Support Directx 12?

Windows 11 isn’t yet launched, that’s why Microsoft has decided to build a preview version of Windows 11. Yes! Windows 11 insider preview totally supports DirectX 12. DirectX is one of the requirements of Windows 11. DirectX 12 is a graphics card...
Cheapest Processor to Run Windows 11

Which Processor is Cheapest to Run Windows 11?

Microsoft has recently launched a new operating system known as Windows 11. It is the first operating system that has a minimum requirement. That’s why Windows 11 is catching the attention of computer users. Windows 11 does not support every processor,...
Windows 11 be a Success or a Failure

Will Windows 11 be a Success or a Failure?

Microsoft operating system Windows 10 has gained huge success from computer users. And recently, it has launched a new version of the operating system called Windows 11. The launch of Windows 11 has raised many questions in the minds of the...