Best Android Emulator for Windows PC

If you are impressed with the beauty of Android and looking for the best Android emulator for Windows 10 or older version, then you should check the list.

If you are that player who actually wants to play a lot of Android games, Then you need an Android emulator for Windows PC. It’ll be easy for you to play them on big screens such as your computer rather than on Android phones. But, playing these Android games on PC, will be great fun and enjoyment altogether.

Playing games on the PC or in the Windows PC could be a lot great that would actually help in testing the apps and playing a random game just like any other game though. However, when it comes to playing the Android games on the Windows PC, everything that matters is, how can we play?

Of course, this is what every Android player and the user would ask when the person wants to play an Android game on the Windows PC though. There are a lot of apps and games that we actually want to use on our Windows PC. Yes, here we have got the best class Android emulators for Windows PC that we can simply use and just keep playing games overall without any issue within it.

What are Android Emulators?

An Android Emulator is a virtual device that represents a particular Android device. Android apps and games are developed to run on Android devices. You can’t run Android on PC, because they don’t support the architecture. But, a virtual machine or emulator can do that.

An Android Emulator creates a suitable environment on your PC, that can install and run Android games and apps. You can use these emulators for testing purposes or use them as a secondary smartphone.

Best Android Emulators for Windows 2021

Best Android Emulator for Windows PC

We have however mentioned the best Android emulators for Windows PC and you can simply use it to play all your favorite Android games within your computer or your laptop PC for sure, which is actually could be the Windows PC though.

1. LDPlayer

The LDPlayer Android Emulator for Windows is free and easy-to-use software, which helps you to test your Android applications on PC. It is a lightweight and user-friendly emulator.

ldplayer Free Android Gaming Emulator for PC

The LDPlayer emulator supports all the latest features of Google’s mobile operating system, Android, including the latest version, Android 8.0 Oreo. It can be used with many of the popular Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) such as Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition, so it can be easily integrated into your workflow.

It has an API that allows you to control the device from your PC (pressing buttons on-screen), the ability to record video of what you do on the device/emulator, and many other features which make it one of the best Android Emulator for Windows PC.

Download: Link

2. BlueStacks

BlueStacks is one of the known and the best Android emulator for games that one can simply get it downloaded and installed on their Windows 10 for sure. It is very famous among Android users. Most of the Android users actually use this particular emulator to download games and other required apps on the Windows PC and then just keep playing and using it without any hurdles or issues for sure.

BlueStacks android emulator for pc

This particular emulator is especially for gaming and is very much easy to set up too. BlueStacks also supports mapping from keyboard features that can be optimized from the own apps as it has. However, the emulator has got a few sponsored ads that might disturb or annoy you, when you are using an app on the Android emulator, but it is still manageable though.

Download: Link

3. Nox Player

Nox player is another best Android emulator for Windows 10 that one can use it on Windows 7 without a second thought though. This particular Android emulator could be the best one that one could choose to use with their Windows PC without a single regret for sure.

Nox android emulator for windows

Nox Player has got a great market and a great demand when it comes to using the Android games and apps on the Windows PC without having to put too much effort though. This particular emulator carries a lot of features such as it is very much fast and quick, it does not lag, and you will have a whole lot of features packed within the entire package though.

Download: Link

4. Andy

If you are actually looking for an Android emulator for download that does a lot of things actually. However, Andy is one such Android emulator that you should never miss to check out though. It has got some great features that would surely impress you to the deep.

Andy android emulator for win 10

Features can be a lot and one such characteristic due to which people prefer it is because it runs a lot smoother and it also runs on the latest Android version too. However, in the fact, it gives the best experience when you want to play the popular battlefield games that needs a great experience though.

Download: Link

5. Genymotion

Genymotion is another wonderful Android emulator that you should simply check it out. It will make almost all the apps and the software make it work on the Windows PC. This Android emulator for pc free download is very much fun and gives a great experience too.

Genymotion android emulator for windows 10

However, you need to know that it has got some issues and bugs too, but it is very much fixable too. This emulator has got the latest version of Android, easy apps, it is supported by the Android studio, and has got an extraordinary interface as well.

Download: Link

6. Memu

Memu is another popular and best Android emulator for 2021 that you must surely check out though. This particular Android emulator just gets installed quickly without having to face any kind of lag. This emulator also has a feature of customizing and you can also change the settings from low to high performance.

Memu android emulator for windows 7

However, again, this has got a few bugs too, which might be a problem for some users for sure, but you can always try out this particular emulator that will be quite much great though. This emulator also has an in-built screen recording too that will be great to experience overall.

Download: Link

7. Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player Android emulator is a bit different from others that are already mentioned above. There has got a whole Android operating system that you can simply boot into. However, you have to install the emulator separately, as you cannot install it like the other emulators though.

Remix OS best android emulator for gaming

You can simply put and connect any device with the help of a USB device. Remember, this emulator is particularly for business and productivity and does not support heavy gaming.

Download: Link

8. Android Studio

Android Studio is another popular and best Android emulator for PC 2021, that will not cost and can help you with a lot of features as well. It has got a lot of features just like the other emulators that have been mentioned above.

 android emulator for pc free download

You can simply get this Android emulator from their official website and just download and install it though. You must surely try this particular emulator and then you will be able to compare it between other emulators and then choose the best one though.

Download: Link

Which one is the Best Android Emulator?

At the end of the day, you can simply go ahead with any of these above-mentioned best Android emulators 2021 and that would be pretty much suitable for your PC and your usages too.

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