Best Free Photo Editing Software for Windows (April 2024)

Photo Editing or process is the way to enhance your photographs to the next level. Check the list of free photo editor software to download for Windows 10 and other versions.

Do you need the best photo editing software for PC free download? Photos are very precious in everybody’s life because these are not only pictures captured from a smartphone camera or digital camera; instead, these photos are beautiful memories that will always be with us forever.

Many of us like to edit our photos to make them prettier or lovely ones before we share them with others. But editing a picture with the help of software is quite challenging and expensive to use in Windows. We use Photoshop- the best photo-editing software available on the market.

But it is not free to use and also proves a difficult task for a regular user who has not undergone formal training on how to use Photoshop. We pay almost $10 per month for using Photoshop and $120 a year that seems to be very expensive as we spend a lot of money only towards editing a photo just for fun that could have been spent elsewhere. That’s why people look for the best free photo editor online.

But I have good news for you that you don’t need to pay a single penny to edit your photos because there are lots of best free photo editing software available on the Internet which can simplify the process of photo editing.

So I have listed here some best free photo editor for Windows which will surely help you at the time of choosing photo editing software.

Best Photo Editing Software Download 2024

Below is the list of free photo editing software to download for your PC. These are perfectly good Photoshop alternatives available for editing images that are free to use.

This software can do the same tasks done by Photoshop and sometimes more. So let’s proceed and know about top free photo editing tools.


GIMP free photo editing software

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is on the top list of best photo editing software for PC free download. GIMP is kind of like a free Photoshop. It’s designed to incorporate many of the filters, tools and photographic effects you get from Photoshop.

It is an open-source program for image editing available for Windows. It is the best software for every graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer.

GIMP photo editing includes the standard brushes, text editor and colorization tools. GIMP’s greatest strength is its flexibility and customization. There are loads of GIMP plugin to take advantage of, which makes this the most flexible photo editing software on the market. It runs smoothly on every platform.

Download: Link

2. Paint.NET

free photo editing software for download

Paint.NET is a free image and photo editing software for the Windows platform. The software has a beautifully clean and uncluttered interface, with tabbed file access making it easy to work with multiple images at the same time.

This tool is powerful and easy to use, and unlimited levels of undoing make it possible to try out several ideas without worrying about losing the original image. You will find many special filters and effects that can turn your image into an oil painting or a pencil drawing in just one click.

It’s the best photo editing software for beginners. A good range of selection tools, support for layers, and adjustments such as curves and brightness mean that Paint.NET is a great alternative to Photoshop for photo editing.

Download: Link

3. Pixlr

best free photo editing software for pc download

Pixlr for Windows is the best free photo editor for online and offline use. It can be downloaded from the official site of Pixlr. Pixlr tools provide more control over your photo editing process. Pixlr is a free photo editing software like Photoshop.

The software offers all the basic tools for easy cropping and resizing your images as well as stylized filters to turn your photos into sketches and watercolors.

You can use the Auto Fix tool to make quick corrections, and the Double Exposure tool lets you merge two pictures to create a single image. You can use it offline and online.

Download: Link

4. PhotoScape

best free photo editing software for windows 10

PhotoScape is a photo editor for Windows 10 free download. Besides image editing, PhotoScape lets you create slideshows and animated GIFs, capture screenshots, and combine and split images.

You can apply filters, crop and tweak your images to make them bigger or smaller, remove red-eye, change settings such as brightness, contrast, and color balancing and make some other necessary adjustments to your pictures.

There is also a small but extremely useful tool- it will take photos that are in the RAW format used by many digital cameras and convert them to JPEG format so that they are more useful.

Download: Link

5. Fotor

free photo editing software for pc download

Fotor is an “all-in-one” the best photo editing software for PC. It is a simple but easy-to-use photo editor that enables you to edit photos without being an expert in Photoshop.

You can open an image then tap the Scenes button to quickly alter the picture with either the 1-Tap Enhance or a variety of “scene” presets such as sand/snow, night and other lighting conditions, and a lot of the usual took like cropping, vignettes, shadows, curve adjustments, etc.

It is just easy to add a border to your photo although, as with other editors the frame is applied within the limits of the photo instead of adding to its size.

Download: Link

6. Serif PhotoPlus Starter Edition

free photo editor software for pc
Serif PhotoPlus Starter Edition

PhotoPlus is the best free photo editor app for PC developed by Serif for Windows. Serif PhotoPlus allows you to alter and customize your images in an easy-to-use format for photo editing beginners and advanced users alike.

Use PhotoPlus to edit, enhance, and organize your photos with simple photo editing tools such as red-eye reduction, contrast, brightness, crop, and much more. Users can also straighten photos, adjust levels, and remove unwanted objects on the photo.

Unfortunately, the PhotoPlus Starter edition’s most advanced and desirable features are restricted to the paid version of the program.

Download: Link

7. Photo Shader

free photo editing software for windows
Photo Shader

Photo Shader is another best photo editor free download for Windows PC. You can make your photos beautiful with Photo Shader. This software is simple, fast, and easy to use and the interface is also user-friendly.

Photo Shader has 48 customizable shading effects, filters, and adjustments to make your photos look beautiful and allows saving the edited photos only in a full version.

The history tab lets you see all the changes that you made to your original photo in a list like a view and you can also easily undo any effect applied to the image. When you are done with the editing, you can save your photo by clicking on the save option in JPEG format to a location of your choice.

Download: Link

8. PicMonkey

free photo editor app for pc

PicMonkey is an excellent online picture editor tool with lots of excellent photo editing options that allows you to do basic photo editing without downloading any kind of software.

PicMonkey offers features that let you rotate and crop photos as well as re-size and add effects. PicMonkey has three main functions- Edit/Touch Up, Design, and Collage.

Edit and Touch Up function allow you to make simple changes like removing blemishes and whitening teeth, and the Design function is used to add graphics to your images, and the Collage function gives users the ability to edit several photos together to make a single larger photo.

Download: Link

9. Sumo Paint

free photo editing software for windows 10
Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint is an online photo editor change background software and it offers many of the high-end features you expect from Photoshop and runs right into your web browser.

Sumo Paint looks just like the best desktop image editing and Painting software. It comes loaded with many different features like a variety of brushes, filters, gradients 3D effects, symmetry tools and so much more.

Download: Link

10. Nik Collection

free photo editor app for windows 10
Nik Collection

The Nik Collection is a full image editing suite offered by Google, and it is available for 100% free.

It is comprised of seven desktop plug-ins that provide a powerful range of photo editing capabilities- from filter applications that improve color correction to retouching and creative effects, to image sharpening that brings out all the hidden details, to the ability to make adjustments to the color and tonality of pictures.

The Nik Collection of software gives photographers other tools for easily enhancing photos.

These tools include Silver Efex Pro, Analog Efex Pro, Viveza, HDR Efex Pro, Color Efex Pro,  Define, and Sharpener Pro. These plugins do different works to fine-tune your image and enhance its quality.

You don’t need an account to edit Photos on Sumo Paint as it is a web-based editor. You can directly import photos from your device and export them to the same location when editing is done.

Download: Link

11. Canva

Canva Photo Editing Software

Canva Photo Editing is free graphic design software that has been designed for everyone to use. The power of Canva lies in its simplicity and beauty. It allows you to create anything from leaflets and posters to social media posts and presentations, without any design skills needed.

You can choose from thousands of layouts, stunning fonts, and colorful backgrounds to make your designs stand out. You can also add text, photos, icons, graphics, and illustrated shapes with ease. Plus add a border or add a frame for added impact!

Another great feature of Canva Photo Editor is that it has a drag-and-drop layout which makes it easy for someone who isn’t too skilled in graphic design to make quick edits on the go.

Download: Link

What is photo editing?

Photo Editing is a technique where the quality of the image is enhanced. In order to make it more attractive many basic photo editing techniques like cropping, resizing, adjusting brightness, and color corrections are used.

Why do I need to edit my product photos?

Photo editing is a much-needed step in order to make them out of each picture. An attractive photo is always appreciated and also eye-catching. So if you want to leave a mark with your photos then you do need to learn how to edit your photos.

Which is the Best Photo Editing Software?

All these free Photo editors that I have mentioned above are the best free photo editing software for windows 10. GIMP, Paint.NET, and Pixlr can be the best alternative to Photoshop. If you are using any of this software, then feel free to share your experience.


  1. Thanks for sharing download apps links this app I’m searching sudden your site got it and many apps I’m download thank you for sharing download links.

  2. There’s nothing easy about importing 34,000 photos, one by one, to an editor and exporting them back somewhere. Why the heck can’t someone make a photo app for a PC like the one on MAC where there’s a GREAT range of editing tools, right in the app where you import your photos, make albums, and have your pix RIGHT THERE, to open and edit as you review them? Apple gets it – why doesn’t anyone else? You can use basic filers, sharpen out slight blur, colorize or make black and white, adjust color, remove blemishes, remove noise, clear up red-eye – it’s all right there beside each photo with a click on “edit.” I’m going CRAZY trying to find something where I can import from my camera, organize my pix and edit them. The stupid organizer in Windows 10 is dumb and just getting photos INTO it take forever, one photo FILLS the screen and you can’t see what you’re doing, creating an album takes FOREVER and you can’t edit squat. It’s ridiculous and time-consuming and just plain HARD. And all these editors and managers say they are free till you download them and then up pops – OH, BTW, in thirty days you owe us….enjoy your trial. So much for truth in advertising. I’m wasting days trying to figure out how to get pictures off my Nikon and onto my PC. This is just stupid. I have a camera full and 34,000 photos to organize. Ugh!!


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