Best Free Video Player for Windows PC (July 2024)

Looking for a free video player for your Windows computer? Here are the popular media players to play 4K HD videos without any cost. Let's check them out.

Windows Video player is the most talked-about software and tool. There are many free video player for Windows 10 that will ultimately help you to watch all your favorite videos on the Windows PC.

There are many such features for these Video players and the media players that you will download it for your computer system. Of course, all of us watch movies and videos.

We generally watch on smartphones and tablets, but watching these videos and our desired movies on the big screen or the huge screen is quite very fun and entertaining too. It is actually exciting.

There are some of the best video players for Windows that you can very simply download it from the internet.

Best Free Media Player for Windows (2024)

Best Free Video Player for Windows PC

The below-mentioned video players and the media players are the best ones and the most preferred ones that are generally used by most of the movie and video lovers and fans. Also, by those who love to watch movies on a big screen.

1. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

VLC is one of the most popular and 4K video players for Windows 2024 that we can have it in our computer system anytime and every time. Using the VLC media player is very much easy and simple.

Generally, most of the video players come along with the Windows version or at the time of buying the computers. Hence, it would be a free version, can be played with various versions of the video, simple and easy to use as well. It can be the best video player download for PC.

Download: Link

2. RealPlayer

RealPlayer Free Video Player

Real Player is another popular media player that is used and preferred by almost the majority of us. The real player can be simply used and of course, it is again easy to use as well.

There is not much difference with this media player- just has to be used like the VLC. Just download this best free video player for Windows PC and enjoy its benefits and features altogether.

Download: Link

3. 5K Player

5K Player for Windows

This is another free video player for Windows 10. 5K is counted as the rookie, which is quite new in the market, and of course it’s good too.

This video player has a lot more great set of benefits and features that you will know once you get it. It doesn’t demand any of your resources as well. You can even download your favorite trailers and videos from YouTube too.

Download: Link

4. GOM Player

GOM Player for Windows 10

GOM media player is one such attractive and flexible media player that you will never find on the internet. GOM video player download for PC is quite very easy and simple.

The tool already has inbuilt subtitles, video setting options, audio controls, and other downloading options as well. Also, you can screenshot the videos when you are actually playing or running a video on the GOM player.

Download: Link

5. PotPlayer

PotPlayer Free Video Player for Windows

Of course, it sounds a little weird when it comes to naming a video player. But also, you need to understand that Pot is the right and the best video player for Windows.

Also, it has various other features and benefits that actually help in viewing and watching the best videos in the high-quality ranges. Pot also supports every operating system around the internet. It also enables 3Doptimized videos.

Download: Link

6. Plex

Plex 4k Video Player for Windows

Plex is another very popular and free media player for Windows. You can very easily download the Plex video player on the internet. Downloading this tool is very simple and doesn’t require any kind of high-tech tool or tech knowledge as well.

Just search for it on the internet and download it immediately. There are also other versions available for the tool. You can simply run it on various devices. Also, there is parental control in the tool.

Download: Link

7. UM Player

UM Player Download

Also, it is known as a universal video player for windows. This UM player is another most famous media-playing tool that can be simply availed from the internet. Again Universal video player for windows is a free version for almost all the windows operating systems.

UMplayer is an open-source platform that can be another such tool that is generally preferred by various media lovers.

Download: Link

8. SM Player

SM Player Free Download

SM player can be simply used to watch your favourite videos and the movies that you have always wished to watch for. There are various features that cover the SM player within all the essential factors and ultimate needs.

You can also play the videos right from YouTube as well. It also supports subtitles and other searches as well. You, of course, won’t need any kind of hardware supports or special controls within the computer system. SM is another 4K video player for Windows.

Download: Link

9. DivX Player

DivX Player for Windows PC

DivX can actually be used as only in the single format of the videos that you want to play it online. It also supports various kinds of high-quality videos and movies that you always wanted to watch or view on a big screen.

It has various inbuilt features for the media server and other online servers. You can also switch between the chapters too. It provides users with the playlist versions as well.

Download: Link

10. KM Player

KM Player Download

KM player can be another media player that is quite famous just like other media players. You can simply download a free video player for Windows from the internet. You just have to do a single internet search and just download this video player tool for your computer system.

KM player has several features and benefits that will be very effective and beneficial for you to watch the videos and the movies online.

Download: Link

Which one is the Best Free Video Player for Windows?

The above-mentioned media player tools are quite popular in the market and among the top techs as well.

You can very easily download free video player for the Windows system and enjoy all the media player features, benefits and several different settings altogether. You can simply choose your preferred tool from this list and get it for your computer system.


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