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Windows 10 devices

Microsoft reveals Windows 10 running on 900 million devices, will hit 1 billion by 2020

Microsoft is one of the most underrated companies in the technology industry when it comes to estimating the reach that they have. People know that Microsoft is the one which is responsible for updating, developing and providing users with Windows OS....
Microsoft Surface event

Microsoft teases ‘exciting new innovations’ for its October 2 Surface event

Microsoft is going to announce a whole bunch of upgrades for the Surface products in its lineup. But we might also see some new products announced at this Surface event. For now, we know that the Microsoft Surface announcement event is...
Cortana Alexa integration

Cortana, Alexa and other virtual assistants will now work ‘seamlessly alongside one another’

We have all heard about the different virtual assistants such as Microsoft's Cortana, Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple's Siri and even Bixby from Samsung. However, it is a unanimous opinion that the best virtual assistant at this point is the Google...
Microsoft security patch

Microsoft wants Windows users to install this emergency security patch

Microsoft is one company that we can trust when it comes to user security and privacy. While we are not saying that Microsoft does not leak any private information of its users, they are also open about it. We have also...
Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 might have an 8-core AMD Ryzen CPU

Microsoft is said to launch the Surface lineup of laptops and tablet devices very soon. Now, the company has also announced its launch date which will be October 2 in the US. As far as the event is concerned, we will...

Microsoft plans to fight climate change by making 825,000 Xbox consoles carbon neutral

We have seen that there is a lot at stake when it comes to climate change. Recently, there was a climate crisis rally held in the City of New York where millions of protestors gathered and there were Microsoft employees in...