Apple Reveals Details on Optical Insert Setup Process for Apple Vision Pro AR Headset

Apple’s upcoming augmented reality headset, Apple Vision Pro, aims to provide an immersive visual experience. However, wearing glasses with the headset can be uncomfortable for users needing vision correction. To address this, Apple has partnered with renowned optical company Zeiss to provide prescription optical inserts that magnetically attach to the headset.

Apple Reveals Details on Optical Insert Setup Process for Apple Vision Pro AR Headset

Based on code analysis by developer Steve Troughton-Smith, several details have emerged regarding the optical insert setup process. Users will need an order confirmation code or passcode to enable Optic ID and confirm the correct prescription lenses are inserted. A vision test will then calibrate the headset and insert it for optimal accuracy.

Next, users must look at a pairing code on the headset screen to link the inserts to their Apple ID, enabling seamless switching between users and lenses. Users may also need to specify the insert type or find a pairing code in the Health app for personalized feedback.

The code indicates warnings if inserts are dirty or misaligned, which can impact input accuracy. Users can continue setup despite issues but may experience reduced performance. Properly installing clean inserts is advised for best results.

Apple Vision Pro, expected in early 2024 for $3,499, aims to redefine augmented reality. With Zeiss optical inserts, users needing vision correction can also enjoy this immersive technology. While pricing and availability details are still unannounced, Zeiss has a website for interested users to receive updates on the inserts. The inserts will likely debut in the US before expanding to other regions.

Overall, the optical insert setup seems straightforward yet essential for unlocking the full potential of Apple Vision Pro. Precision calibration and pairing will enable customized vision correction without compromising the headset’s performance. With Zeiss’ expertise, Apple is striving to make its AR headset accessible and comfortable for all users.


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