Apple’s September Event hashmoji is Now Live on X

Apple has kicked off the hype train for its upcoming September event by unveiling a new hashmoji on the social media platform X. The customized icon appears beside the hashtag #AppleEvent and features the same sleek, particle-like animated Apple logo seen on the event webpage.

Apple’s September Event hashmoji is Now Live on X

This continues Apple’s tradition of using @Hashmojis to generate buzz leading up to major product unveilings. The company first used a custom icon for its September 2020 event where the iPhone 12 lineup and Apple Watch Series 6 were revealed. Since then, Apple has made hashmojis a staple part of its marketing strategy.

As with previous hashmojis, this year’s design seems to hint at some of the new features and aesthetics we can expect from Apple’s latest devices. The glowing particles that make up the logo come in shades of blue and gray, suggesting the rumored new colors for the iPhone 15 Pro models, including a matte black finish and a bronze-esque hue.

While Apple is keeping things consistent with the hashmojis, it has done away with one tradition – the hidden AR easter egg on its Events page. Previous easter eggs provided interactive demos of new features when viewed through an iPhone or iPad camera. But this time, Apple’s site features no trace of an AR experience.

The September 12th event promises big announcements, with the iPhone 15 lineup likely taking center stage. Leaks point to an iPhone 15 Ultra joining the Pro and standard models, featuring advanced cameras and possibly even a periscope zoom lens. The Ultra is also expected to come with double the base storage of the iPhone 14 Pro Max at 256GB.

Beyond new iPhones, we may also get our first look at the next generations of AirPods and the Apple Watch Series 9. And there are sure to be some surprises in store if history is any indication.

Mark your calendars for 10AM PT on September 12th. The pre-recorded event will be streamed live from Apple Park, with select media attending in person. You can tune in through Apple’s website, on YouTube, or via the Apple TV app. And keep an eye out for more cryptic teasers from Apple’s marketing team as the big day approaches. The hashmoji may be just the first taste of this year’s exciting new lineup.


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