Google Hindi Input Tools Download Offline Installer for Windows PC

Google Hindi Input Tools is the best software to type the Hindi language in Windows 10, 8, 7 computers offline.

Many software or tools normally used to write regional languages on PC are very difficult to use. But, Google Hindi Input Tools download is easier to access than other tools.

If you wish to use the Google Hindi Input Tools Offline Installer, you have to download it from the official website or the below-mentioned simple and easy steps. The tool is best for people who wish to type in English but want the written content in their desired language.

With the assistance of Google Input Tools, you may write over 20 languages on your PC. It helps you write in numerous languages such as Bengali, Hindi, Nepali, Gujarati, Marathi, Arabic, and many more.

Google Input Tools Hindi exe file is very safe to use, and you may download Google Hindi Input Tools for Windows with the help of this page.

What is Google Input Tools?

Google Input Tool is the most excellent tool for typing different regional languages. Unlike Google Translate, Google Input Tools allows you to transfer messages in various styles and dialects.

Google Hindi Input Tools Download

Google Input Tools for Windows is the editor that permits applicants to write the content in any supported languages using the QWERTY or English keyboard.

There are various tools or software accessible on the Internet for typing multiple languages. But the input tool is the most excellent due to its user-friendly features.

It remembers corrections and saves a modified dictionary comprising unusual phrases, words, and names. It operates on all devices such as Gmail, Google Search, Google Translate, Google Drive, and YouTube.

DeveloperGoogle LLC
Stable release1.1.2.4
Available inEnglish

How to Use Google Hindi Input Tools Offline Installer?

Google Hindi Input Tools, as previously stated, is an extension equipped for Google Chrome applicants. Depending on your choices, the Google Input Tools setup allows you to type with an online keyboard, choose Hindi, Marathi, English, or some other initial language, and draw in a box that recognizes handwriting.

You have to download or install the Google Input Tools on Windows and add the required languages from the extension’s options to begin using Chrome’s extension.

Afterward, you will see two main languages like Hindi and English, and you will need to choose either English or Hindi. Choose your preferred languages, and you are done; whenever you have to type in various languages, press on the extension icon and choose your language accordingly. The virtual keyboard operates similarly to an associated keyboard on your PC or laptop.

How Google Input Tools Work?

When you write in English, the software or tool will spontaneously change the word into your preferred language.

Google Input Tool creates life easier as you may access it using the Google Hindi Input Tools Extension, and you may use it online directly on your browser without downloading or installing Google Input Tools Software.

On Android and Windows devices, the extension works offline as well as online. Google Input Tools for PC also allows you to change between ideal languages.

Google Input Tool also operates in Windows 8, Windows 7, and 10 in 32 Bit/64 Bit windows versions. Instead, the team suggests you download and install the Google Input Tools Hindi free download as a substitute.

Google Hindi Input Latest Version Download

You can download Google Input tools on your Windows 10, 8, 7 computer for offline use. Please follow the steps to activate on your system.

1. Click here to download Google Hindi input tools on your Windows computer. You will get the GoogleInputHindi.exe setup file.

2. Afterward, press on the setup file to install Google Input Tool on your PC or laptop

3. Press on the “Yes” button when asked for approval, and then the installation process will start, and upon successful completion, you will see the “Finished” message.

4. Now, use Ctrl+G to change between Hindi and English or press on the desktop language bar to choose the preferred language.

5. When you have to write in Hindi, choose “Google Input Tools Hindi” by using Alt+shift keys and begin typing in English, it will spontaneously change to Hindi.

How to Use Google Hindi Input Tools Offline?

Google Input Tools Hindi Offline Installer free Download is a PC-based Shareware app formed by Google Inc.

Google Input Tool makes you type different languages like Bengali, Hindi, Gujarati, Nepali, Arabic, Marathi, and many more. For offline typing, you have to install separate Google Input Tools for every language you want to write.

Using the Google Input tool in Microsoft Office Word (MS Office Word) is extremely easy. Download and install the Google Input Tools installer and access the “Windows+Space Bar” to convert the language. Launch the MS Office Word on your browser and begin typing.

Is Google Input Tools Free?

The Google Input Tools will change the input language instantaneously, allowing you online access to keyboards in nearly 90 languages for free. You may download Google Input Tools Offline Installer For Windows 7, 8, and 10 easily and access it for free.

Can I use Google Input Tools in MS Word?

Google earlier published the Google input tool in an offline version, which applicants may use offline, like MS Word, Google Translate, and other software. If you wish to access Google Input Tools Install application in MS, you need to use Google Input Tools Offline Installer.

What happened to Google Input Tools for Windows?

Google Input Tools operates with all the latest Windows versions. You may download and install the Google Input Tools For Windows 10, 7, and others easily. Recently, the offline version is not accessible, but you may download it through this page.

Why Google Input Tools Not Working?

Google Input Tools group has confirmed that the Windows software is no longer accessible for download or installation. Google Hindi Input Tools Offline Setup Download process is provided above. If Google Input Tool is not working, then restart your PC and install it again.

Final Verdict

Google Hindi Input Tools is the best tool accessible for PC (Windows, macOS) and Android to write regional languages easily. Google Hindi Input Tools Download provides you with three different methods to write text. If you want to share your thoughts about the Google Input Tools, drop them in the below-mentioned box.


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