Download Google Chrome Offline Installer 32-Bit & 64-Bit

Google Chrome offline installer is the best choice to install the browser in multiple computers without downloading it separately for each PC.

Are you looking for Google Chrome Offline Installer? Google Chrome is the most popular cross-platform search engine used in almost all operating systems.

It’s the perfect choice for anyone who has a Windows-based computer, as it’s a high-speed and secure search engine.

To download it you need an internet connection, but what if you don’t have an internet connection, it’s ironic as everyone has access to the Internet today.

If you want to download Google Chrome without an Internet connection, you can use Google Chrome offline installer; it consists of all the files you need to download it.

What Is Google Chrome Offline Installer?

Although Google offers a comprehensive 2Mb installation package, it requires an internet connection.

chrome offline installer download

So, if you want to download it on a new system that too without an internet connection, then you’ll have to use Google chrome offline installer.

If you’re looking for a way to download Google Chrome offline installer, you’ve to the best place, here we’re going to show you steps to download Google Chrome offline installer.

NameGoogle Chrome
DeveloperGoogle LLC
Stable release86.0.4240
Available in47 languages
TypeWeb browser
LicenseProprietary freeware, based on open source components

Google Chrome Feature

Before we learn how can you download Chrome offline installer, first let’s take a look at what are the feature Google chrome offers to its users?

1. Task Manager

Just like the task manager in windows, Google got its own task manager; this feature allows users to keep track of which tab is used and had consumed more or less memory.

Users can also clean their tab history and check for any other tab.

2. Pin Tab

How many times you had accidentally closed a tab which you didn’t mean to, well you also commit this mistake, don’t worry anymore.

With the pin tab, users can pin any particular tab they want to use again.

3. Chrome Calculator

A lot of time we open another app to calculate something, now you don’t need to, because chrome has got its default calculator.

Just type in the calculator in the search bar, and you’ll see a calculator.

4. Recovering a Tab

Chrome cares about its users, that’s why it had a feature apart from the pin tab, where if you want to reopen any tab.

All you need is to press CTRL+SHFT+T; this can also recover the entire browser.

5. Chrome Sync

This one of the most desirable feature of chrome, chrome sync allows users to use and open browsing history, pinned tabs, bookmarks, and many more things on a different device at once.

To do that sing in to the device with your Google account the same one you use on other devices and then go to settings turn on sync.

Now you can see your history and other things on this device.

6. Chrome Translator Extension

In case you want to translate a document or file, you can easily translate that file into any language using the translator extension.

7. Paste and Go

With this feature user can open a link without even pressing the enter button, first copy the link, go to the search bar, paste the link with the paste and go option.

You’ll be directed to the results.

8. Incognito Mode

It is an essential feature; it allows users to search and browse anything without saving history.

It keeps your search private.

9. Chrome Multimedia Tool

No, it’s not any typing mistake you seeing it right, now you can use the chrome multimedia tool feature to view images, play music or video, etc.

Simple copy the document and paste in the search bar, chrome will do the following.

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer 2024

Now that we know what the benefits of having Google Chrome are, it’s time to see how can you download Google Chrome offline installer 32-bit and 64-bit.

To make your work simple we have listed down all the steps that you need to follow to download Google Chrome offline installer.


The first step is to click on this link special URL.


On the home page, click on the download chrome button.


Choose the configuration whichever you want to download from 32 bit to 64 bit.


The Google chrome offline installer will start downloading.


Once downloaded click on it to begin the installation.

Finally, after following the steps, you’ll your offline installer installed in your system, to download any new updates go to the Chrome menu, click on help, then go to about Google chrome.

Here you’ll find all the updated if available which you can further install.

Final Verdict

Google Chrome offline installer or better known as Google standalone installer has it’s own benefits, especially for those who don’t have an internet connection.

Google Chrome is the most widely used search engine due to its apparent reasons and helpful features.

If you don’t have Google chrome in your system, what’re you doing, get it now by following the above steps, so that you don’t feel left out.


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