Kali Linux ISO Download 64-Bit & 32-Bit Installer (2020.4)

If you want to run Kali Linux on Android, VirtualBox or VMware, then you need Kali Linux ISO file. Here you'll get all the direct download links and guides to install it.

Kali Linux ISO is a must-have tool for testing. The core developers to design the Kali Linux tools are Deavon Kearns and Mati Aharoni. This is a Backtrack Linux new version that is penetrated from another centric Linux distribution for testing.

The Kali Linux development is based on the Debian standards and utilizes the Debian repositories for importing the majority of scripts or codes. In March 2012, a small team member started the development phase.

Only a few selected developers can use the protected environment for committing the package. Later in 2013, the first development of Kali Linux was launched. After that, there are numerous major updates released from Kali Linux. Offensive Security will handle the entire updates of these developments. Don’t forget to download Windows 98 ISO for the virtual machines.

What is Kali Linux?

Kali Linux ISO 2022 Download

Kali Linux is another best Linux Security distribution designed for penetration testing and digital forensics. Backtrack is referred to as the earlier version of Information Security OS (Operating System).

Kali Linux is currently supported and funded by Offensive Security. Most of the users prefer to utilize the Kali Linux Download link for penetration testing purposes. You can discover numerous pre-installed or pre-defined penetration-testing applications from Kali Linux.

DeveloperOffensive Security
OS FamilyLinux
Latest Release2020.3
Platformsx86, x86-64, armel, armhf

Each program or application will include its unique use case and flexibility. They perform various excellent features to split the useful utilities under multiple categories such as:

  1. Hardware Hacking
  2. Information Gathering
  3. Reporting Tools
  4. Vulnerability Analysis
  5. Reverse Engineering
  6. Wireless Attacks
  7. Maintaining Access
  8. Web Applications
  9. Password Attacks
  10. Exploitation Tools
  11. Sniffing & Spoofing
  12. Forensics Tools
  13. Stress Testing

What Kali Linux Can Do?

Kali Linux 2022 is a powerful operating system and can do many things. Check out the below features.

1. Full Customization

The Kali Linux ISO with full customization & live-build will allow the users to create their unique Kali Linux images. Later, this Kali Linux ISO download can be utilized for installation purposes.

The Live-build integration with Kali Linux will provide customized Kali Linux ISO images with various aspects and personalized flexibility. The perfect and effective hardware backdoor can be formed by building the network bridging, reverse VPN auto-connecting, and a self-installing Kali Linux ISO image.

2. Kali Linux for Windows 10

The Kali Linux for Windows 10 application will allow the users to install and execute the penetration testing distribution of native open-source Kali Linux. Just input the keyword “kali” within the command prompt or access the Kali tile within the Start menu for launching the Kali shell application.

The base Kali Linux ISO image will not include the graphical interface or any tools for access but make use of the apt commands for easy installation.

3. Android Support

Through Linux Deploy, you can execute the Kali Linux distribution on your Android device. If you are using a recent OnePlus or Google Nexus Android phone then install the Linux Deploy Android app to utilize the Kali Linux by installing the chroot environment.

4. Deployment Automation

Through Unattended PXE installations, you can automate the Kali Linux deployment. Over the network, it is possible to customize and automate the Kali Linux installations. You might be away from one PXE boot for customized or fresh Kali installation.

5. Accessibility Features

The accessibility features of Kali Linux are specially designed for visually impaired users. Kali Linux is one of the most popular Linux distributions working with accessibility systems for visually impaired or blind users through Braille hardware support and voice feedback.

Minimum System Requirements

Before downloading the Kali Linux ISO file, please check out the system requirements of your computer.

NameKali Linux 2020.4
Memory (RAM)2GB
Hard Disk Space20GB
ProcessorIntel Dual Core or later

Kali Linux ISO Download (32-Bit & 64-Bit)

The official site only provides the Kali-Linux download link from the torrent sites. The problem with torrent sites is, that they are slower to download. That’s why people prefer other downloading sources.

Kali Linux 64 Bit ISODownload4.1GB
Kali Linux 32 Bit ISODownload3.4GB

Is Kali Linux Free?

Yes, Kali Linux is completely free of charge and always will be. You will never, ever have to pay for Kali Linux. You can download the ISO file to use it on your computer. Here are the few guides to install it on different systems.

i. Kali Linux for VirtualBox: link
ii. Kali Linux for Android: link
iii. Kali Linux for VMware: link

Is Kali Linux Safe?

Yes, Kali Linux is safe if you use it on a virtual machine. If you are planning to use it as your main operating system, then it will not be a great choice. Kali Linux is made for advanced users. If you have a good command on the Linux Operating System, then you can use it without any tension.

Is Kali Linux Legal?

Yes, Kali Linux is an open-source operating system and is legal to use. You can use it for learning and testing purposes. It’ll only be illegal when you’ll use its tools for hacking purposes.


Hope you get the Kali Linux ISO Download links through this article. If you have any doubts or facing any problem regarding the above links, then feel free to contact us.


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