Download Office 2016 Offline Installer ISO/IMG File (June 2024)

There are different ways to download MS Office 2019 Offline Installer ISO file. Let's check it out how to tweak the online installer to get the offline one.

So you just bought your first-ever laptop or computer and want to Download Office 2016 Offline Installer ISO?

With a laptop or PC, it’s important to have original office software, after all, how you’re going to use your system without any office software?

No doubt the internet has many different office software, but the question arises are all of them worth it, well the simple answer is no. Most of these software’s are not genuine; they are available as a copy.

Except for the genuine ones’ which include all the Microsoft Office software, Linux, and IOS software. Almost 90% of PCs and laptops

So, what is MS Office 2016 ISO download and how can you download Office 2016 Offline Installer?

How is Office 2016 Different from Other Office Versions?

Whether it’s MS Office 2016, or any of it’s the previous version, Microsoft keeps updating and adding a new feature in each version. So, if your system can only operate on a specific version, you should not be left behind.

Download Office 2024 Offline Installer ISO

Similarly, MS Office 2016 has lots of exciting and helpful features so that you don’t compromise on your productivity.

NameOffice 2016
Stable release16.0.13001.20384
Available in102 languages
TypeOffice suite

Here are the new and updated features of MS Office 2016 offline installer.

1. “Tell Me” Box

This latest feature comes with Office 2016 ISO download is available in all applications; the “tell me” feature helps you to execute tasks by suggesting commands.

If you’re stuck at some stage of your task, you can simply type in the tell me to box what you want to do.

Then it’ll show to suggest commands you can follow to complete the task.

2. Archive Ribbon Buttons

This feature which comes with MS Office 2016 ISO download allows you to archive items in Outlook just by clicking on the archive button.

3. Smart Lookup

If you want to get insights for information within any MS office application, right-click that word or sentence.

After that, Microsoft, the Binge search engine will show the results related to your selected word or sentence.

4. Forecasting And Analysis in Excel

It makes Excel more exciting, with the help analysis feature users can easily extract data from any resource with the help of Power Query add-on.

It also has six new charts and a forecasting feature to predict future trends and values using historical information and data.

5. Word Real-time Co Authority

It is the most productive feature of MS Office 2016 ISO download.

With this feature, multiple users can work on any particular Word document simultaneously.
All the changes are visible to all the users.

6. Share Button

Applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are enabled with a share option which users can access from the top right corner.

Users can save their files and documents to an online platform such as Drive or OneNote; then by entering the email address, you can share it with anyone.

7. Power BI

More than a feature it’s a data analysis service that allows users you transform or convert their data into more interactive reports.

Now users can build models, analyze, and monitor files and data very effectively. But to access this feature users are required to have a OneDrive subscription, then only one can use this service.

Download MS Office 2016 ISO

Now that we have understood all about MS Office 2016, it’s time for the good stuff you’ve been waiting for. Following are steps you need to follow to download Office 2016 Offline Installer.


These steps are also applicable for all version, you need to be sure which version you want to download. By following the steps, you download your desired version with the desired specification.

Download MS Office 2016 ISO

1. The first step is to visit this page.

2. After opening the page you have to download HeiDoc Windows ISO Downloader.

3. After downloading, you need to install it by running the downloaded file, after installing it switch to the office tab.

4. In the office tab, you have selected the desired version and language and then click on the download button, it’s as simple as that.

After all the steps you’ll get the direct link to download MS Office 2016 ISO file.

Remember, you can use the same file to install the office on multiple systems.

Direct Download Link for Microsoft Office 2016 ISO / IMG File

Only if you want to download MS Office 2016 from the original software, then you can use these direct links. Remember that, all of the below versions are in the English language.

Office 2016 Home and StudentLink
Office 2016 Home and BusinessLink
Office 2016 ProfessionalLink
Office 2016 Professional PlusLink

Office 2016 Offline Installer Download

1. If any of you want to download Office 2016 Offline Installer, you can by simply going to official page.

2. Sign in through your account and select Office and some other install options.

3. The final step is to open the Download an offline installer box, select the language, and end it by clicking the download button.

Can I download Office 2016 Offline Installer for free?

Yes, you can downloadOffice 2016 Offline Installer for free. Just follow the steps which are mentioned above.

What are the minimum System Requirements for Office 2016 Professional Plus?

The minimum system requirement forOffice 2016 Professional Plus is Processor should be an Intel Dual Core Processor or later, 1 GB of RAM required, 4 GB of free space required, etc.

Final Verdict

Although most systems come with pre-installed software, in case, you don’t get pre-installed office software you can download any version.

If you’re looking for MS Office 2016 ISO download, then all you need to do is go with the steps mentioned above and choose the desired options and specifications.

In no time you’ll have your office software, before choosing any version it’s ideal to know what are its features and how it is different from other versions.

So, for your help, we also described some of the latest features of MS Office 2016, do take a look at them. This will help you in identifying the most suitable version for your system.



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