Google Maps Timeline and Privacy Update Put You in Control

A familiar symbol for over 15 years, that tiny blue dot on Google Maps guides travelers to new locations near and far. Now, it wants to guide you on a more personal journey – taking control of your location data.

Google Maps Timeline and Privacy Update

In a series of updates rolling out over the coming weeks, Google Maps enhances user privacy with simplified tools. This gives you more control over your location history. “Your location data is personal. We are dedicated to ensuring its safety, privacy, and control,” said Marlo McGriff, Google Maps Director of Product.

Save Your Journey on Your Devices

The visual timeline of your activities, powered by Location History, will now be stored directly on your smartphone or tablet if you choose. Local storage limits access to your data. Enable automatic encryption for added security, even if you back up your timeline to the cloud.

Easily Delete Specific Locations

Soon, you can review and delete location-related searches, directions, and visits in one easy hub within Maps. For instance, remove that embarrassing late-night food run or wipe visits to your ex’s neighborhood from your record with a couple of quick taps. It’s all at your fingertips.

One-Touch Key Control Access

Click on the blue dot, and you instantly view your Location History and Timeline settings in their current state. See exactly what access Google Maps has to your location. Turn location services off completely for stealth mode browsing. Transparency and simplified access help you stay up to date.

Greater Control with Customized Auto-Delete

Also new is the auto-delete default shortened from 18 months to 3 months. Rest easy knowing your old Maps data won’t be lost. Or choose your preferred auto-delete length – even opting to never delete. The choice is yours.

Much more than helping chart a course A to B, Google Maps makes sure to safely guide your data where you want it to travel.

Does easy access and transparency around location tracking give you peace of mind? Share your thoughts.


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