Windows 10 is one of the best versions of Windows that has been released by Microsoft in a long time. However, we might also add that it is one of the buggiest versions of Windows as well. This is because we reported about the Windows 10 v1903 breaking many things then it did to fix them. Similarly, we have seen that each and every new Windows 10 update brings something that gets broken and Microsoft has to later fix them. In the latest Windows 10 support document, a new Windows Core OS has been revealed.

The support document also reveals that the Windows Core OS will run on devices “including the HoloLens 2 and Surface Hub” but has not been officially discussed by Microsoft. It is also seen that Microsoft did not even give a hint about this previously. Also, it is revealed that a device which is yet to be announced codenamed Centaurus runs on Windows Core OS. However, we do not know anything regarding the Windows Core OS right now.

Related to Windows Core OS, we have three references related to the operating system. Here are the mentions that we have seen regarding Windows Core OS:

  • wcmp The Windows Shell Composer ID.
  • wPId The Windows Core OS product ID.
  • wsId The Windows Core OS session ID.

Now, we have also seen reports that mention the inclusion of Windows Core OS was added back on April 19, 2021. Therefore, we can take a clue that Microsoft was already working on this operating system for a long time. Some reports also mention that Windows Core OS is a Windows 10 Lite version which means that it will be made to run on low-end devices such as entry-level laptops. As per the description by Microsoft, Windows Core OS “is a version of Windows with a universal base that can work across different devices.”

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