We have seen that Microsoft is going with a design system called ‘Fluent Design’ for all of its apps. This is similar to Google’s Material Design in terms of a basic idea but both the designs are entirely different. While we see that Google is going towards punchy colors and non-flat design, Microsoft is going for a flat approach. As part of the redesign of its apps, we have just found leaked screenshots of what looks like the updated Microsoft Calendar app which can be found on Windows 10.

Now, nothing is revealed at the moment regarding this screenshots so we don’t know if a new update to Windows 10 will bring this design or we will have to update Calendar app itself. On the other hand, if we focus on the redesigned Calendar app then we can see that the design language is similar to other Microsoft apps. We can see that the top portion of this app will have backgrounds of holiday destinations. Also, the calendar background seems to be semi-transparent instead of the solid version as we see currently.

Also, it is clearly seen that the leaked screenshot shows a “Try the beta” button which has been turned on. This means that whoever took this screenshot is using the beta version of Calendar. Now, we are also not sure how to enroll for the beta version of the Calendar app but we can note that there is a beta version with which you can get this look.

However, we are also not sure what we feel about this Calendar design though. On one hand, it is great that Microsoft is thinking about updating its app to the latest design system but we feel that Microsoft’s design is lagging behind when we compare it to Apple’s macOS which we can’t complain when we compare Android to iOS.

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