One of the best things that has ever happened to the Windows and Android users is the Your Phone Companion app that was launched by Microsoft. This app is something that should suffice the needs of Android users for cross-compatibility with their PCs and Laptops. With the help of this app from Microsoft, you can answer calls, check your messages that have arrived on your phone right at your desktop and more.

Now, a feather has been added to the cap of Your Phone app as Microsoft adds new functionality to the app. It is known that you can now even check your Android’s current battery level from your desktop. This is because a battery level indicator has been added to the Your Phone app which will show the exact battery status of your phone. Also, Your Phone app sync the current wallpaper applied on your device as well. This means that the small phone indicator of your device you see inside the app will have the same wallpaper like the one on your phone. While this is a very small detail, it becomes very handy for you to recognize your phone with this feature.

Microsoft’s Your Phone app also has a very tight integration with the Galaxy Note 10 which is not available on all the Android phones out there. However, the above-mentioned features are now available for every Android user. You just need to connect your device with the Your Phone app. Not only that, you can also see the photos from the device’s gallery right on the PC as the Your Phone app syncs your media files too.

While we have mentioned that you can see notifications for your call inside the app, we have learnt that the ability to make phone calls from your device with this app is coming soon too.

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