We have seen that one of the tedious tasks of using Windows is when something goes wrong. You cannot just reset Windows as you would do with Android devices or iOS-powered devices. There are a lot more steps involved in resetting Windows devices and you either need to take a backup or lose access to those files. We have seen that Microsoft has been working on making the process of resetting a Windows device easier. Now, we have a new tool which makes this process easier and this tool is named as Microsoft Cloud Download.

Since Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 18970 to Windows Insiders, there have been a lot of changes to the latest build of Windows 10. However, a change which went unnoticed by almost everyone was the Windows 10 Cloud Download feature. This feature was revealed by Microsoft earlier today which is when everyone came to know about it. This new feature “will allow users to download a fresh image directly from Windows Update server and install it without the hassle of using image files and making bootable USB Drives.”

So the above explanation makes it pretty clear that you don’t need to make a bootable image of Windows 10 anymore as you can simply download a fresh copy of Windows 10 and just install it. In the earlier days, we used to have DVDs which would let you install a new copy of Windows. But since the DVDs have become obsolete and we don’t even have DVD drives nowadays, Microsoft has introduced a new way to install Windows quickly and easily. In order to use this feature, you need to go to Settings>Update and Security>Recovery and select Get Started under this PC. However, it is to be noted that only Windows Insiders will have this feature right now. It is expected that the company will bring the feature very soon to other Windows PCs

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