We have seen that one of the best things about being a Microsoft Insider is that you can try new stuff before it becomes public. However, there is a downside to this advantage of being an insider as well. The disadvantage is that you also get a lot of bugs which will get ironed out in the stable release. But you can always take the credit that it is because of you that a bug was squashed as it would not have been so if it were never reported. Talking about insider programs, Microsoft runs a similar program for Xbox users as well called the Xbox One Preview program.

This is regarding the Xbox One series of gaming consoles including the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S from Microsoft. Talking about that program, we are told that Microsoft has re-opened that program and it is accepting new applications for becoming an Alpha — Skip Ahead insider. However, you should note that this is the ring which has exclusive features along with a lot of possible bugs. Thus, you get new features for testing but you might face a lot of issues along with it.

Here is the announcement from Microsoft’s Xbox Program Manager regarding the program:

Invitations are open to any Xbox Insiders who participate in the steps found on the subreddit… No matter what Xbox Insider Update Preview ring you’re currently in, you have the chance to be part of Alpha Skip-Ahead! Because we have limited spots available, invitations will be extended to users who complete the survey on a first-come basis.

Here are the steps you need to follow to participate in the program:
  • If you’re interested in participating in the Alpha — Skip Ahead ring, please let Microsoft know by following the steps before 2:59 EDT on September 22.
  • While on your Xbox, hold the power button down until the Power menu appears.
  • Select Report a problem.
  • Select Add new problem.
  • Find the new category tile named Future Build.
  • Select the tile and let us know why you’re interested in being in the ring.
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