Windows 10X: Development Paused Until Further Notice

Windows 10X is a brand new operating system that Microsoft developed in the background for years. It’s based on Windows 10 Mobile at its center, but differs from it using a newly constructed user interface.

In addition, modern concepts were employed in the machine, such as a fast update installation procedure via clever partitioning.

Windows Desktop is more important than Windows 10X

windows10x cancelled

Initially, Windows 10X was supposed to be completed this year and thus rolled out to hardware producers. This will not happen this year, because according to rumors, Microsoft paused the development of their new working system.

Since 2019, they allow the Windows Desktop slide because they found Windows 10 X as an important project. This year, the prioritization shifted. With Sun Valley, they would like to give the old system a fresh coat of paint and leave the new one on the leftside. We are not surprised, because the original plan was to roll out a Windows 10 X upgrade at the first half of the year after which a Windows 10 update in the second half.

Windows 10X: the Future is Unclear

But apparently, the release of Windows 10X is delayed again. According to a report from Petri, a release should no longer be anticipated in 2021. Although OEMs are waiting for the new system to provide new hardware. It becomes even more pessimistic, since they additionally claim that the system may not make it to market. They claim that Windows 10X is now far behind in the preparation.

Microsoft is investing in the background again, which explains why this year will see the biggest Windows update since 2018. Zac Bowden out of Windows Central wants to get noticed that all internal test images for Surface devices are deleted.

Though these are just rumors, you can’t deny that it seems like typical Microsoft behaviour.

We also can’t forget that Microsoft deleted the trailer for its Surface Neo from YouTube. The initially planned foldable with Windows 10X.

Windows 10X Video

You can check the below video to know more about Windows 10X in action.

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