Did you just read the title of the article and wondered if you missed something or if I just played my technical understanding and have no idea about Microsoft and Windows? No worries. Everything is okay with me. The title is meant to show what kind of business is currently being done on the net – with unsuspecting customers.

Something to smile about this weekend. SoftwareKeep itself advertises on its sales page that it is “your trustworthy Microsoft Certified Partner” and has easily put Windows 11 Home with all details on the net for 174.99 dollars.

Pre-order Windows 11 Now for Only $174.99

Mark from Betanews caught the curiosity and chatted with the live support named Emir. He insisted that Windows 11 will be released on July 29th and Microsoft itself will announce it on July 1st. Shortly afterwards Mark received a mail from the company. They apologized and will take all measures to remove the product from the site.

But Windows 11 was still accessible hours later. Now the site is offline. Nevertheless, he contacted Microsoft. Mark had still taken the screenshots of the site. The description itself fits perfectly to Windows 10 2004. An example:

Cortana reset. The language assistant is decoupled from the start menu and the search engine of the operating system and now integrates directly into the Windows taskbar. “In this way, every experience can benefit from independent innovation to better serve its audience and use cases,” Microsoft argues.”

Windows 11 Description

Of course, there was also a good description on the website for the non-existent system, which is very much reminiscent of the Windows 10 2004 update.

PROCESSOR 1 GHz 32-bit processor, Recommended: 2 GHz 64-bit CPU, at least 2 cores
RAM 1 GB, recommended: 2 GB
GRAPHICS DirectX 9-capable graphics card, recommended: DirectX 11-capable graphics card
GARD DISK 16 GB free space recommended: 50 GB free space

One really wonders now what the people in charge were thinking. Because no matter how they talk themselves out of it, it’s a fraud. Because we know that Microsoft itself has said that Windows 10 will be the last… the last version of Windows.

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