Microsoft is one of the biggest PC and tablet makers in the world. However, it has not made a mark in the smartphone industry. While we are aware that Windows Phones were used on a very high basis in the past, they are seen nowhere nowadays. In fact, Microsoft has officially stopped supporting the Windows Phone platform as well. This means that Microsoft is not even trying anymore in the smartphone industry. However, that does not mean that Microsoft is not looking to innovate as the company is known to be working on a foldable device. According to reports, this foldable device from Microsoft is codenamed as ‘Centaurus’.

Also, we expect to see the teaser regarding Microsoft’s first foldable device at the October 2 Surface event where Microsoft will unveil its traditional lineup of Surface laptops, tablets and 2-in-1 devices. Now, we also have some details regarding the Microsoft ‘Centaurus’ device and we would like to share it with you. First of all, there is new operating system being developed by Microsoft known as Windows Core OS. It is assumed that Microsoft is developing this for the foldable device.

Also, there are reports that hardware on the Windows Centaurus is a hinge mechanism like the Galaxy Fold. We also know that this will not be a foldable display like Samsung or Huawei but just two displays that will be attached by a hinge. Since there are two displays, we can also guess that there will be no keyboard and one of the displays will have a keyboard. While the keyboard is not in use, both the displays will show the content which should be seamless. There will also be a magnetic hinge for the Pen as well as USB Type-C port for charging and data transfer as per a report by the Windows Central.

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