Microsoft is one company that we can trust when it comes to user security and privacy. While we are not saying that Microsoft does not leak any private information of its users, they are also open about it. We have also seen that there are fewer cases of a privacy leak from Microsoft as compared to Google or Facebook. When it comes to security, Microsoft pushes regular security updates for Windows users when there is a need. Similarly, Microsoft has pushed a new security patch which is called the ’emergency security patch’ for Windows users.

Basically, the name of this update would tell you that this update needs to be installed immediately. This is because Microsoft has found a security vulnerability affecting tens of millions of Windows users around the world. This issue has not been detected in Windows but it has been found in Internet Explorer. And as we all know, every Windows devices come with Internet Explorer installed. So everyone is affected by this issue in short.

Microsoft, while revealing this security issue, informed that “An attacker who successfully exploited the vulnerability could take control of an affected system,” This issue can let anyone using Internet Explorer vulnerable to getting a malware installed remotely. Because the vulnerability would allow anyone to install a suspicious program on your PC. You could also be tricked into clicking a link inside the email which will install the malware for you.

This is a rare occasion that Microsoft has released an emergency security patch as it releases typical monthly patches for Windows users as well. This tells you that the security issue is a serious one and one that should not be taken lightly. You can install this update on your PC or Laptop by using the Windows Update. Microsoft also said that no action was required by users to remediate the bug in Windows Defender.

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