Microsoft is one of the most underrated companies in the technology industry when it comes to estimating the reach that they have. People know that Microsoft is the one which is responsible for updating, developing and providing users with Windows OS. Also, they are well aware that millions of devices own a Windows machine.

However, there is still a misconception about how many devices are actually there in the world. Some reports say that Windows has surpassed the Android user base and iOS comes third on the list in terms of usage. But we did not have an actual number of how many users were running Windows.

However, we have the exact data now thanks to a revelation by Microsoft. The company has revealed that their latest Windows version which is Windows 10 is now used by 900 million people around the world. Also, the company says that this figure would hit a billion users by next year.

Now, it is worth noting that Microsoft has just revealed the numbers of its Windows 10 users. We still don’t know the number of users running an older version of Windows such as Windows 7 or even Windows XP. While that number would be quite less, we expect the total number of Windows users to comfortably cross a billion at this point.

An official announcement from Microsoft on Twitter mentions that “#Windows10 is on more than 900M devices! Thanks to our customers, we added more new Windows 10 devices in the last 12 months than ever before. From PCs to HoloLens to Xbox to Surface Hub, Windows continues to power innovation-with more to come next week,”

However, Microsoft’s growth in the recent months has been staggering as we have seen reports that the company achieved 700 million mark of Windows 10 devices in September 2021, followed by 800 million in March and 900 million this month.

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