Microsoft is one of the biggest tech companies in the world but we can say that it has gone under the radar a bit. While this might also be because Apple’s iPhones and Google’s Android are used by a lot more users in the world or some other reason, Microsoft would love to have some people talk about it as well. However, we have also seen that Microsoft has been focusing on the businesses more than its consumers which means that they don’t have to announce something to the world as they can give it directly to businesses.

On the other hand, this means that people don’t know much about what Microsoft offers and how to access them. Similarly, many would not be aware of the fact that Microsoft runs a program called Microsoft365 which is similar to Office365. Basically, Office365 is the suite of apps from Microsoft such as Office, Excel, Powerpoint and others. Previous reports suggested that a Microsoft365 consumer bundle might be coming which would include Windows 10, Skype, Office 365, and other services. However, we do not know if this is true or not.

What we do know is that Microsoft is working internally on rebranding its Office 365 products to Microsoft 365. While this might not be a big change for most, it will definitely be noticed by people and that will help Microsoft in spreading the word about its Microsoft 365 company. Users have pointed that their Office 365 subscriptions have been rebranded to Microsoft 365 plans. Also, they say that the Office 365 products show Microsoft 365 instead of the previous Office branding.

However, a Microsoft spokesperson said that “No, we have no plans to rebrand Office 365 ProPlus to Microsoft 365 ProPlus at this point. Customers can still buy Office 365 ProPlus without Windows and Intune.” which means that this might be an experiment and it is yet to be finalized.

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