Microsoft, the creator of Windows, is often praised for the platform that is used by billions in this day and age. However, we must not say that the platform is perfect. In fact, Windows in its current form which is Windows 10 is anything but perfect. Companies tend to push updates in order to improve software from the previous versions.

But in Microsoft’s case, it is the opposite and the updates to Windows 10 generally add more issues than fixing them. We can also say that there is a quality control issue at Microsoft which is why this is happening. While some of the Microsoft updates turn out to be quite stable as they should, most others add issues that were not present before the update.

Today, we are talking about a new warning being issued to millions of users by Microsoft. This is regarding the latest Windows 10 September update which has caused many problems for a whole bunch of users. Microsoft recently released the September KB4515384 update and it is already proving to be a headache. This update from Microsoft has broken Windows 10 search, the Start Menu, Action Centre, USB connections and caused audio problems and more.

Microsoft has now come out and said that they have found a bug inside the latest update which is related to Intel and Broadcom wireless cards and it can break WiFi for devices having this card. Basically, you are better off installing the latest update from Microsoft if you are using a Broadcom or Intel WiFi as your WiFi will stop working after the update. However, the other problem people are facing is that the update auto-installs on their device and there is no way to stop it. The only option they have after that is to roll back to the previous version which is an even tedious task in itself.

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