How Microsoft is Bringing Bing AI to Chrome and Safari Users

Microsoft’s Bing AI, powered by ChatGPT-4, is one of the best language models. Since late February, Microsoft Edge users have been able to search the web, get answers, and create content in a conversational and interactive way. Until recently, Bing AI was only available for Microsoft’s own browser, so Google Chrome and Apple Safari weren’t included.

Bing AI Google Chrome

Bing AI is finally coming to Google Chrome and Safari users, and Microsoft is also A/B testing a dark theme for ChatGPT. Windows 11 and 10 users have been getting a pop-up allowing them to access Bing AI in Google Chrome. They’re also getting Bing AI in Safari, it seems.

Anyone can try Bing AI in Chrome with the pop-up on Windows 10 or 11. It opens a Bing page and asks users to install the Bing extension, which switches the default search engine and sets Bing as the homepage. For now, Bing AI only works on Edge, so it won’t work on Chrome yet.

Microsoft isn’t just adding Bing AI to other browsers; they’re also testing a native dark mode that matches Edge’s new dark theme as well. The white background switches to a black hue, and the colorful icons that represent the different features, buttons, and areas are white or blue. It’s not widely available yet, with only a few people getting it.

Bing AI is expected to arrive in Chrome and Safari in the coming days or weeks for everyone, according to a Microsoft source. This will allow more users to enjoy the benefits of Bing AI, such as:

  • Contextual chat: You can ask Bing AI natural language questions and get relevant answers from the web or from its own knowledge base. You can also follow up with more questions or chat casually with Bing AI.
  • Visual search: You can upload an image or take a photo and ask Bing AI to describe, interpret or analyze it. You can also get answers related to the image, such as identifying objects, landmarks, celebrities, etc.
  • Content generation: You can ask Bing AI to create content for you, such as poems, stories, summaries, lyrics, code, and more. You can also ask Bing AI to help you rewrite, improve or optimize your own content.

A new Bing AI feature called “No search” or “ChatGPT-like mode” will allow users to talk to Bing more humanely and faster. With “No search” support, Bing won’t search the web as much as it does now. Instead of crawling the web, Bing will rely on its AI capabilities.

Bing AI is one of Microsoft’s most innovative features in recent years. It makes web searches fun, engaging, and personalized. Bing AI is set to get even more popular with users who want a new way to search and create online now that it’s available in other browsers and dark mode.


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