Microsoft’s Windows product is extremely big and it is used all over the world. Now, we know that Microsoft is big when it comes to commercial spaces such as offices and businesses.  Thus, it is expected that people who work in big companies are using Windows. However, the problem is that those systems are still on Windows 7 which has been abandoned by Microsoft already. This is the reason why corporate houses have started to upgrade to Windows 10 which is the latest version of Windows.

But it has come to Microsoft’s notice that Windows 7 is being used on systems used in Election as well. Basically, you would be aware that US Presidential elections are coming next year and there are machines used during the elections. These systems are still using Windows 7 which has now become obsolete. However, Microsoft cannot force them to switch to Windows 10 because it will be a national security risk. Therefore, the company has announced that they will be extending security updates for Windows 7 even after the deadline of January 14, 2021 ends. With this announcement, it will be certain that the systems will remain up-to-date and not vulnerable to any kind of hacking attacks.

Not only the US, but Microsoft also says that the move is to safeguard elections system in “other democratic countries.” apart from the US. Microsoft says that these systems will get updates through the end of 2021. In a blog post, Microsoft revealed that “As we head into the 2021 elections, we know there is a relatively small but still significant number of certified voting machines in operation running on Windows 7,”

The company added that “We also know that transitioning to machines running newer operating systems in time for the 2021 election may not be possible for a number of reasons, including the lengthy voting machine certification process – a process we are working with government officials to update and make more agile.”

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