Microsoft’s employees are not happy with the role that their company us playing in the climate crisis. Basically, the employees from Microsoft are saying that Microsoft is playing no role in the climate change issue. For this reason, Microsoft workers have written a letter stating that “it’s no longer possible for us to ignore Microsoft’s complicity in the climate crisis”.

This comes after the Windows-maker company announced a partnership with Schlumberger and Chevron. Also, we know that a mega Global Climate Strike starts on September 20, 2021. We believe that lakhs of people are going to join this strike and Microsoft workers are definitely in the mix.

Talking about why Microsoft employees are not happy with Microsoft, they released a letter in which there have been some revelations made. You can read the letter below:

In this week’s company-wide all-hands, our CEO, Satya Nadella, defended our contracts with Big Oil by suggesting that our technology helps them in their R&D efforts to develop sustainable energy. Yet, this is in clear contradiction to the ambitions of fossil fuel-CEOs and even other Microsoft leaders.

If we want to make real impact, all of us need to mobilize, work together, and demand a fundamental change in Microsoft’s priorities. It’s clear that the tech industry is one of the main culprits behind our burning planet, both in consuming a great deal of fossil fuels through power hungry datacenters and supporting Big Oil companies. But we also have to recognize that we’re equipped with so many resources that we can leverage to steer our industry and government in the right direction.

Also, the letter says that tech companies have the resources as well as technology which can affect climate change. They are requesting for action on this issue from their current employer. Since the letter has been released, Microsoft has not issued any statement.

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