We have seen that there is a growing demand in the US of breaking up the big tech giants of the world like the Facebooks and the Googles and the Apples and Amazons. Now, this is because of the various breaches of user privacy and other issues that have come to notice from these companies. People fear that these companies have become too strong and they will do whatever they want and get away with it as they have enough cash reserves to handle anything and everything. For this reason, there is a belief that they need to be regulated so that they can be held accountable when any issue occurs due to the tech giants.

While we know that Microsoft is not involved in the various investigations that have been held, Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates has shared his thoughts on the issue. Bill Gates gave his comments after an antitrust probe was started against Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple for various issues. Gates said that he is sceptical about breaking up the tech giants. He says that there are only a “narrow set of things” on which breaking up is “right answer to”. However, Bill also added that he is in favour of breaking bad practices while he did not elaborate on them.

Bill Gates added that “If there’s a way a company’s behaving that you want to get rid of, then, you know, you should just say, okay, that’s a banned behavior,””Splitting the company in two and having two people doing the bad thing, that doesn’t seem like a solution.” He also said that tax rules should be changed by the government while adding that “The fact that the tax rules incent you to structure in a certain way to minimize your taxes, people should look at if they want to change that going forward,”

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