Microsoft Supercharges Clipchamp Video Editor with Cutting-Edge AI

Microsoft is actively expanding Clipchamp’s AI capabilities, to simplify creative projects for both consumer and business users. A bunch of updates, announced earlier this week, introduce enhanced features like automatically generated videos, stock media libraries, and text-to-speech tools.

Microsoft Supercharges Clipchamp Video Editor with Cutting-Edge AI

Auto-Generate Polished Videos in Seconds

Without a doubt, the most groundbreaking addition is Clipchamp’s new “Auto Compose” feature. AI-powered Auto Compose instantly transforms images and raw footage into complete, professionally edited videos optimized for social sharing.

“Relive your memories, upload your content, and watch it be transformed into a professionally designed video that you can share on social media,” stated Microsoft. The company also highlighted the tool’s ability to understand video composition rules and dynamically create videos like slideshows, montages, and short stories without manual editing. The automatically generated videos render in full 1080p resolution.

All the Assets You Need in One Place

Looking to take your videos to the next level? Clipchamp’s new built-in stock media library provides instant access to a vast collection of HD video clips, photos, graphics, and music. Available for free and purchase, the huge library is searchable by category and fully integrated, making finding and using assets a breeze.

Effortless Narration is Now Possible

Also new is the ability to record up to 30 minutes of voiceover narration directly within Clipchamp. No extra software or complex editing is required! AI-powered text-to-speech generators can even create narration automatically from scripts. While currently limited to consumer Microsoft 365 plans, commercial voiceover support will arrive in early 2024.

Acquired by Microsoft in 2021, Clipchamp originated as a consumer-focused video editor before expanding into the business and education markets as part of Microsoft 365. The major investment in new AI capabilities demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to radically simplifying video production for users of all skill levels.

“Do the new AI powers make you more likely to try Clipchamp? Which new feature seems most exciting?” Share your thoughts below!


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