One of the biggest announcements that could have been made by Microsoft has been done today. You must be aware that Microsoft’s Xbox One lineup of gaming consoles is quite popular among the masses. This is because they offer a great gaming experience for people and all of this comes at an affordable price as well. While there is stiff competition from Sony’s PS4 lineup, Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles are doing well. But the one thing that was missing from Microsoft’s Xbox One lineup has now been added. We are pleased to inform you that your Xbox One will now have Google Assistant support.

This means that you will now be able to use the best virtual assistant on your gaming console as well. As far as the integration of Google Assistant is concerned, Microsoft will allow the assistant to launch games and apps, turn the console on and off, pause videos, and much more with the help of this feature. Since the Google Assistant is not available on Windows devices, you will have to use Google Assistant app for iOS or Android or a device like Google’s Home with Assistant on it to control an Xbox One.

Microsoft is currently testing this integration for a limited number of users. This is the reason why the company has announced a public beta for the integration of Google Assistant with Xbox One. If you are excited to try this feature out before everyone else, you can enrol in the beta and get the Google Assistant support right now. Also, Microsoft has published full FAQ and setup instructions on Reddit which can be accessed from here. Since the Google Assistant has now come to the Xbox One lineup, the hopes of getting Google Assistant on Windows have re-emerged and we hope that Google and Microsoft work something out in that regards soon.


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