How to Make Image Background Transparent: Here are 6 Solutions

To change the background of a photo, you need to make photo background transparent. There are various online tools to make your task easy.

Do you want to remove background from image for free? In this guide, you’ll learn how to make image background transparent. The vast majority of photographs encompass a specific amount of pixels and contain color, even when that color is pure white.

Nothing is stored in the pixels that make the backdrop of a transparent image, so whatever is behind it can be seen through it. PNG is the best image format that enables you to have an image with no background color, making it the ideal choice for editors. That’s why they look for how to make photo with no background.

Why Make an Picture Background Transparent?

A blank, transparent background can be generated for a picture for various purposes. Among the most basic is developing an adaptable trademark. When producing a logo, it’s important to retain its integrity when shown on many platforms and printed in different colors.

Make Image Background Transparent Online

The ideal tool to make image backgrounds transparent is those powered by AI. Making the backdrop transparent is useful for editing images with several overlays. Transparent objects allow you to freely reposition them in your image without sacrificing quality.

Make Photo Background Transparent Online Free

Here we have listed a few popular online tools to make image background transparent for free.

1. Bgeraser

Bgeraser make photo background transparent

Also called the “magic eraser,” this software applies to both desktop and mobile. It allows editors to efficiently remove unwanted parts of the image without losing quality. It can also remove the watermark from a specific photo.

The magic happens in the next step when you click on “Erase” button next to “Magic Eraser” button, it will automatically process your selected area and save it as a new file with the original background. It’s very simple to use Bgeraser for unwanted objects removal and you don’t need any knowledge about photo editing, just drag the object you want to remove over the object and wait for the result, it’s that easy!

Make Image Background Transparent

  1. Upload or drag the desired photo in the given space. It should be JPG or PNG.
  2. Click the “Magic Eraser” button to let Bgeraser strat its work.
  3. Wait for the software to finish the process.
  4. Download the finished product.

Key Features

  • Free to use but has premium version.
  • The basic software to remove background.

2. Image background remover is an easy-to-use image editing tool that allows you to remove any object from your images. It’s really simple and fast to use, just upload an image on the site and click on “Remove” button in the toolbar above the image preview area. You can also crop your photo before uploading it in order to make sure that the object you want to delete is visible on the photo.

It uses Artificial intelligence to accomplish one task and does it exceptionally well. You may have this transparent background maker version of any image by uploading it to the internet and then downloading it. Regardless of how intricate the setting is, it performs admirably.

Make Image Background Transparent

  1. Drag and drop or upload all the images you wish in the background remover.
  2. Wait for to finish all the process. The more the image you put, the longer it may take.
  3. Add new backgrounds or customize as you want.
  4. Download the selected images into your device.

Key Features

  • It only takes 5 seconds for the background remover to finish.
  • Superb quality even after editing.
  • Recommended for photographers, media, marketing, developers, and individuals.

3. Adobe Express

Adobe Express Photo background remver

Similar functions can be found in Adobe Express, which is very comparable to Canva. This background remover has gorgeous drag-and-drop layouts that can be used to make things like slideshows, Status updates, cards, and more.

This transparent background maker, like Canva, allows users to quickly and easily remove an image’s background.

Make Image Background Transparent

  1. Upload the desired image from your device.
  2. In the Image menu, click on the button labeled Remove Background.
  3. Make some modifications as needed through the available cutout and eraser brush.
  4. Download PNG and choose transparent PNG

Key Features

  • Effortless drag-and-drop feature
  • Cut background instantly
  • Resize, crop, convert, and merge image
  • Free to use

4. make image background transparent

Just like the other software mentioned, is made to make image background transparent for free. It is very easy to use and ideal for ads, signatures, and logos.

Make Image Background Transparent

  1. Upload chosen image into the software regardless of image type.
  2. Click the background parts you wish to remove.
  3. Make modifications when you think it is necessary.
  4. Download the finished product.

Key Features

  • Good to use for selfies, product images, graphics, and even logos.
  • Automatically remove the background.
  • Easy and free to use.

5. Lunapic

Lunapic Remove bg image

LunaPic could be the answer if you want to make the image background transparent but are hesitant to invest any money. All of the fundamentals of design are here, along with a plethora of additional effects and elements, in a single, convenient internet site. Any image on your PC or available online can be uploaded.

Make Image Background Transparent

  1. Upload the image or URL of the chosen photo from your device.
  2. Click edit and choose a transparent background.
  3. Manually click the colors that you want to remove.
  4. Watch the given tutorials and tips to fasten the editing process.
  5. Download the image in PNG format.

Key Features

  • Made specifically for transparent background maker.
  • Free tool for everyday use.
  • Lots of editing tools like text, cutout, gradient, paint, eye drop, scale, erase, and more.

6. Clippingmagic

Clippingmagic photo have transparent background

Clipping Magic is an auto-clip AI that can handle foreground functions. Its ability continue to perfect with time, and it is actually one of the best editors for removing the background. It also has an intelligent editor for precise removal and editing.

Make Image Background Transparent

  1. Either drag or upload the image that you wish to edit.
  2. Let the Clipping Magic do the work.
  3. Download the completed image.

Key Features

  • Uses AI and smart precision to lessen the availability of remnant background.
  • Applicable for many types of images.
  • Free to use.


This is all about make photo background transparent online. When you have mastered removing the bg of a photo, you can then apply this knowledge to the process of layering numerous photos on atop of one another to create brand-new and interesting pictures.

Discovering the different filters, styles, and powerful editing tools that are available in the editing programs that are currently available can open up a whole new world to make photo have transparent background.


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