How to Find Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Folder

Can't find Minecraft folder on windows 10? Here is the complete guide to locating your Minecraft World folder on your computer.

How to find Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Folder, if you have been a Minecraft player or should I say you are a “Minecrafter.”

There’s no way you wouldn’t have tried to find the answer to this question. Why won’t you, when you spend your sweat and time building fantastic Minecraft worlds, everyone would like to know where they are stored?

Many pro “Minecrafters” know from experience how to find your folders, but if you’re a beginner, then it becomes a challenge.

Well, if you are serious about your game, then you must know the process or steps that could help you restore your save world files.

Minecraft has many different versions and Windows 10 is a part of the list. If you as a player know the default location of your saved files, it’s easier to back them up.

A bonus advantage of knowing the location is that you can also install resources packs and behaviour as they too are saved in the same folder.

So, without wasting any time, let’s see how to find Minecraft windows 10 folder.

What is Minecraft?

Before we jump to the steps that’ll help you to find the save Minecraft folder, let’s have a quick glimpse of what Minecraft is.

how to find minecraft windows 10 edition folder

Unless you’re a complete beginner, there’s no way you haven’t heard of Minecraft.
Launched in 2009 for personal computers and developed under Mojang Studios Minecraft is a Sandbox multiplayer video game.

With 200 million-plus copies sold across the world for all platforms and 130 million-plus active users, it successfully became one of the hottest selling games of all time.

It involves players building earth structure and block world using items and tools, and exploring a procedurally-generated 3D, a blocky world with infinite ground.

It is available in many versions, and each version has unique and different mods from multiplayer, computer-controlled bots, to survival gameplay.

On What Location is Minecraft Folder Saved in Windows 10 and How To Access Them?

This is the default location where all your Minecraft folders are stored.


As Minecraft Windows 10 edition is a store game, it has limited access to windows files.
Just like other similar store apps, Minecraft windows 10 edition also stores all its data in its own separate folder inside AppData file.

How to Find Minecraft Folder on Windows 10

Now is the time you’ve all been waiting for without any interruption take your notebook and note the quick and straightforward, on how to find Minecraft files on Windows 10.

1. First off open Run Dialog Box by pressing WIN+R.

2. Now enter the following


path in the search bar and click ‘OK‘ after entering the path.

3. After entering the above path, you’ll be directed to Minecraft World folder located inside the AppData folder.

4. Inside the Minecraft World folder, you can see all the folders of all World you’ve created with random alphabetical names.

5. To open the desired World folder, you have checked by opening all the folders, after opening the folders, you’ll see the name of that particular World you created.

6. That’s how you can determine what World is stored in which folder.

7. After knowing the World, you can easily back up the specific World by copying the entire root folder.

And that’s how to find the Minecraft folder on windows 10.

Surprisingly, all the behaviour packs and resources packs are also stored in the same location where all the World folders are saved.

This way you can easily back up the resource and behaviors packs too.


That’s all it takes to find the location of your World folders. Following the above steps will quickly help you to find and back up the World.

Now if you wish to change the default location of your World folder, sorry to say but that’s not possible. It’s because Minecraft is a UWP app, it means that it has limited access to your Windows files systems.

But, until and unless you forget the process, you can easily rely on your memory.

By chance you do forget, you can always come back to our guide on where to find Minecraft folder on Windows 10; it’s 100% free.


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