There has been a lot of development regarding the Microsoft Surface lineup which is because Microsoft will be unveiling new products in its lineup at October 2 event. Now, we know that the regular upgrades for the Microsoft Surface lineup will include a new Surface Pro tablet/laptop as well as Surface Book and Surface Laptop upgrades. However, we are here to tell you that a new FCC filing hints about a big upgrade coming to the Surface Pen.

Yes, the Microsoft Pen which is a stylus used on Microsoft’s tablets and touchscreen laptops will have something that should please many fans. A new filing for the Surface Pen shows that it might be getting wireless charging functionality. This means that you will be able to charge your Pen wirelessly with the help of a wireless charging pad. However, this should also hint that the Microsoft Surface lineup might also have wireless charging support.

Thus, you could place the Surface Pen on the side of the Microsoft tablet and it would start charging. After that, you can use it whenever you want and place it back for wireless charging. At the moment, the Surface Pen uses a replaceable AAAA battery. However, this filing means that the battery from Surface Pen could soon become a thing of the past. The FCC filing shows that there will be a charging coil inside the Surface Pen which is a clear hint about wireless charging.

From the teardown videos, it is seen that Apple Pencil, as well as Samsung’s S Pen, have used a charging coil inside them to charge wirelessly which means that the Microsoft Pen having a charging coil should be for the same reason. It is believed that the Microsoft Pen will be sold once again for $99 separately and we will know more about it on October 2 at the Microsoft event.

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