Download Windows 10 ISO (32- Bit & 64-Bit) 1809 October Update

Windows 10 Media Creation tool is slow, but if you want to increase the speed with Windows 10 ISO direct download links, then this is the right place for you.

Are you looking for download Windows 10 ISO files to install in your computer? Well, Windows 10 released on July 29, 2005, is an operating system by Microsoft after Windows series 7 and Windows 8.

Windows 10 is gaining potential after release because it is available with no extra charges to the users. In today’s age, Windows 10 are easily available worldwide.

Windows 10 is known as Universal Apps because they could be run across multiple products including PCs, tablets, surface hub, smartphones and embedded systems. However, it is the modified form of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The virtualized desktop system of Windows 10 is called the task view. The modern technology new operating system supports for fingerprint and faces recognition login. Also, to improve the Operating system Microsoft graphics ability for games, the company enables two features namely, Direct X 12, and WDDFM 2.0.

Since all these features are free to use, Windows 10 received mostly 5-star reviews and approved by many. Even critics were impressed by the feature of the desktop-oriented interface being in line with the older versions like window 7 and window 8.

Moreover, people praised X box line integration and Microsoft edge features by the operating system. It is easy to update and install in comparison to previous operating systems.

Adware is the feature that allows advertising in different ways, like a banner display, by video release, full screen, pop up ad, or the other ways you can promote. Hence, they started the technique of adware to promote the Windows 10 operating system after its release.

Microsoft aimed the target to install Windows 10 on at least one billion devices up to 2023. Fortunately, the company is progressing on its way and now in 2023, at least is the most popular software to be used by plenty of people. Furthermore, the software is used by more than 700 million devices until now. Windows 10 is declared the most unified platform for various devices like laptops, desktop computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices.

Microsoft started an advertising campaign to focus on Windows 10 namely, “Upgrade your world”. Also, they started television premiere in many countries including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan. Its tagline was “A more human way to do”. The motto of the campaign was to provide a personal experience to most of the users.

Features of Windows 10

Download Windows 10 ISO

No doubt the operating system software is user-friendly and provides integrity and functionality with more ease than Windows 8. Moreover, the universal Windows platform revises the Windows app ecosystem.

As such, these universal apps could be run across various devices. Windows app shares much he4lpful application to share code in the platform. They synchronize data like notifications, other features and multiplayer for games.

After the release of Google Chrome, you are compatible with us Windows 10 features in any of your smartphones rather than laptops at no extra costs.

In the Microsoft Store, as the name suggests, you can store apps, ebooks and video content. Windows 10 store desktop software is an app by Microsoft store. Also, the Microsoft Windows store work on App-V.

You will find the start menu on the desktop and other options on the left and right side accordingly. You can resize the menu and also can change the Windows system icons.

The new feature task view displays many workspaces and open Windows in which you could start working. Moreover, in the control panel, you can find multiple options. Also, it has two separate user interface modes, one for mouse and keyboard and the other for tablet mode used for touchscreens.

It automatically switches on with the device you plug in.

In task view, you can start with the full-screen menu, likewise Windows 8, though it scrolls vertically not horizontally like Windows 8.

Why should you Download Windows 10?

Like the Microsoft Office 365 Offline installer, there are few reasons to download Windows 10 ISO for your computer. If you download the ISO file, then you can use it in multiple computers. There are also a few features you should check about Windows 10.

System Security

Windows 10 support for very technical methods for biometric authentication by Windows hello application. Also, the supported best quality cameras allow users for face recognition and fingerprint recognition. Moreover, credentials are stored for palm vein scanning.

Earlier, Windows 10 was developed by two features of security, Windows hello and passport. Later passport was merged with Windows hello. The device is designed for the automatic data recovery and encrypt sensitive data.

Command Line

Win 32 console Windows are the modern unrestricted features and shortcut keys of keyboards. The feature first supported another environment like Fedora and OpenSUSE but later Microsoft supported Linux. Hence, Linux subsystem is operated by Windows 10.

Storage Facility

Now you don’t need to concern for compressing files all the time. Windows 10 would do it for you to reduce the storage requirement of the operating systems. If you have 32-bit systems it compresses about 1.5Gb data and for the 64bit system, it reduces 2.6 Gb data.

Furthermore, when you install the app, you can choose the level of compression as per your requirement by operating system performance. It also replaces the win boot mode introduced by Windows 8.1.

You have the access to your device’s storage capacity. Windows 10 allow users for setting the app to view the internal storage.

Online Services

Microsoft edge by Windows 10 is the new default browser. It allows compatibility with the other apps and devices. Also, plenty of features are directed from Windows phone like setting reminders, playing music, sending emails, creating apps and features, and managing personal information.

Microsoft family replaces Microsoft family safety which is a control panel for Windows platform and, Microsoft online services. You can design your family to monitor and restrict the children over many important projects. However, it is for your own safety.

It provides the best service. As such, they can send you weekly emails for many purposes associated with the Microsoft account. Also, you can enjoy wifi features, universal calling, messaging, Skype video and phone.

Multimedia Features

Windows 10 has integration with the Xbox ecosystem which is run by the Xbox app. It provides users to browse for the multiple games at a time. Using a keyboard shortcut, as discussed above, you can develop game DVR. Also, you are allowed to use and control play games by Windows 10. Xbox possesses livestock.

Candy crush saga and Microsoft solitaire collection are automatically installed by Windows 10. These games are quite popular in social media after the release of Windows 10. You are allowed to record games using the newly featured game bar.

Windows media player possesses multiple features by Windows 10.

What is New in Windows 10 October Update 1809?

New update of Windows 10 October 2023 already has been finding a good response from the date it has arrived in the market, i.e., October 2, 2023. This new update for Windows 10 is also known as 1809 and codenamed Redstone 5.

The update is coming up with various new features and improvements in the previous operating system and hence is going to enhance your user experience much higher. You are going to find clipboard history, thoroughly changelog detailing, dark theme for your File Explorer and a lot more in this new version.

1. Integration with a Smartphone: New update for Windows 10 is coming with an add-on feature that will enable you to synchronize your Windows with your Smartphone with the help of a related app. The only thing you need to have for this is a Smartphone working on Android version 7.0 or higher.

2. Clipboard History: You are now free to enjoy accessing your clipboard history with the help of just one click. You have to press Windows + V, and you will get that on your screen.

3. Dark theme for File Explorer: It is one of the most awaited features of Windows that will go to amaze you a lot.

4. Swift Keyboard: It is another beautiful feature that you often see in most of smartphones. This feature is going to be on the priorities for touch Windows option.

5. Improved Screenshot: Windows 10 October 2023 update has come up with new and improved screenshot options. The screen Snip option is there to get it done in just one second.

6. Set Feature: This unusual feature had enabled you to combine different applications in the same Window with great ease. You can easily drag and drop in between the Windows just by using shortcut Ctrl + Windows + Tab, that’s it.

7. Start Menu Search Preview: Option for search preview in Start Menu is also there that will offer you show for your search made.

8. HDR Setup: This new update for Windows 10 has come up with new HDR setup that will enable you to know you about whether your hardware is compatible with HDR or not.

9. Font installation for all: This new update for Windows 10 has come up with new installation option showing “Install for all.” this option is going to allow you to install the font for all users of that particular system, the only thing you need have here is administration permission, that’s it.

10. Power Display: Just like your smartphone you are now going to have full information about your battery usage. You can now easily find out the battery usage from your task manager any time.

11. Notepad: A new improved Notepad is also there correctly supporting UNIX/LINUX line endings and Mac line endings making it much easier to open up these languages in your Notepad as well. Moreover, this update is going to enable you to edit the previous one and save it later.

Download Windows 10 ISO version 1809

There are a few ways of downloading and installing the latest version of Windows. If you are already using Windows 10 in your computer, then the best way to upgrade your PC is by using the Update tool.

If any case you are facing issues updating your computer, then use the Windows Upgrade Assistant tool. It’s a 6 MB file that helps you to upgrade your Win 10 PC. Well, before going to the downloading steps, let’s check the minimum requirements to install the latest Win10 OS.

Processor: 1Ghz speed or Faster
RAM: 1GB for 32-bit and 2GB for 64-bit
Disk Space: 16GB for 32-bit and 20GB for 64-bit
Graphics: DirectX 9-capable video card with WDDM driver

If your computer meets these minimum requirements, then you can proceed to the below-download links.

Download Windows 10 ISO using Windows Media Creation Tool

The official Windows Media Creation Tool is an amazing software to download the image files of the latest version of the Windows operating system and make a bootable DVD or USB drive.

1. First of all, Download Windows 10 Media Creation tool from here.

2. Accept the License Agreement.

3. Select Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file). If you want the ISO file, then select the second option and click Next.

4. On the next screen, select language architecture and edition of Windows 10 Setup.

5. Now, choose a location where you want to store the ISO image. That’s it.

The downloading process will start shortly. Once downloaded, you can use it to install Windows 10 in multiple PCs.

If you want to download the ISO file using the download manager for better speed and looking for the direct download links for Windows 10 ISO, there is a section for you. These download links are from the official Microsoft website, that’s it safe to use.

The only problem is, for now, it’s only available in the English language. Well, download your desired version.

Windows 10 HomeFree download Windows 10 Home ISO
Windows 10 ProFree download Windows 10 Pro ISO
Windows 10 EnterpriseFree download Windows 10 Enterprise ISO
Windows 10 EducationFree download Windows 10 Education ISO
Brazilian Portuguese64-Bit32-Bit
Chinese Simplified64-Bit32-Bit
Chinese Traditional64-Bit32-Bit
English International64-Bit32-Bit
French Canadian64-Bit32-Bit
Serbian Latin64-Bit32-Bit
Spanish (Mexico)64-Bit32-Bit

This is all about how to download Windows 10 ISO files from the official website. This is only the beginning. I’ll update more download options with different languages. Always use the media creation tool to download Windows 10 files, because you always get the latest one.



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