Does the Windows 11 Insider Preview Support Directx 12?

Windows 11 isn’t yet launched, that’s why Microsoft has decided to build a preview version of Windows 11. Yes! Windows 11 insider preview totally supports DirectX 12.

DirectX is one of the requirements of Windows 11. DirectX 12 is a graphics card that is very mandatory for downloading windows 11 on a PC.

The special insider preview program has been held. The computer users who are part of that program can access the insider preview version of Windows 11.

What are the Requirements for Installing Windows 11 Insider Preview?

The best thing about Windows 11 insider preview is that it does not need Hardware or system requirements just like Windows 11. Although Windows 11 has special requirements for Installation on any pc or laptop, the window 11 insider preview can be used on any computer.

Does the Windows 11 Insider Preview Support Directx 12

The requirements that are essential for computers for downloading Windows 11 are described below.

RAM: At least 4GB ram and 64 bit is mandatory.

Hard disk space: System must have 16 GB for 32-bit or 20 GB for 64-bit for smooth running of windows 11.

CPU: A processor with 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor or SoC (system on a chip).

Screen Resolution: If the computer has the resolution of 800 x 600 then the window 11 preview will look good.

Graphics: Graphics card must support or be compatible with DirectX 12 and has WDDM 2.0 driver later.

But these requirements are essential for installing the updated version of windows 11. For downloading the Windows 11 Insider preview, users don’t need to have such requirements.

What Features will you See in the Windows 11 Insider Preview?

The latest OS version of Microsoft means Windows 11 provides amazing features to the users. In windows 11, users will get un-imaginable features that make their work easier and also increase the performance of computers.

Start Menu

Start menu has its own new search box where users can find the necessary thing in one click.

Desktop Widgets

The designs of the desktop widgets also get changed.


Taskbar will now perform on multiple screens. You can enable this feature by clicking on the settings then Personalization and after that by clicking on the Taskbar.

The location of the Power mode has also changed. This new option will be found on the Power & battery page in Settings.

These are the main features of Windows 11 apart from this feature, still there are some features that increase the performance of a computer.

How Can You Get Windows 11 Insider Preview?

If you hear about the features of Windows 11 and want to try Windows 11 insider preview, then follow the steps.

#1. First, go to the update and security option of your setting.

There you will get an option of Windows 11 insider preview program.

#2. Click on that button and then click on the get started button.

#3. A new page will be opened, fill the checkbox, and then click on the Next button.

#4. Once you download Windows 11 insider preview then after installation you will be able to use the new operating system preview on your computer.

Final Words

Hope you like the information regarding “Does the Windows 11 Insider Preview Support Directx 12”. If you still have any doubts, then feel free to comment below.


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