Chrome OS Switches to Desktop: Certified Docking Station Program Announced

The current PC boom is also boosting sales of Chromebooks, which are now getting more and more attention outside the US as well. A recent survey by Canalys shows that Chrome OS benefits disproportionately from the increasing sales.

It’s easy to achieve impressive growth rates with a small base, of course, but we don’t want to talk it down: The interest in Chromebooks is growing, that cannot be denied (why should one).

Chrome OS Switches to Desktop

To further consolidate the growth and underline that you can also work at a desk with Chromebooks, Google and partners like Targus, Hyper, Acer, Belkin, and StarTech have announced a new accessory seal: There will be docking stations “Designed for Chrome OS“.

You can already use Chrome OS as a desktop replacement. The system supports USB standard accessories and thus also many of the already available USB universal docks to which you can connect storage devices, LAN or a monitor.

So, the “Designed for Chrome OS” docks are primarily characterized by the fact that they have been specifically tested for compatibility with a Chromebook. In addition, these devices must allow standalone firmware updates via the web. In an elegant marketing move, Google explains in its announcement that the Chrome OS Docks also work with Windows devices, making them perfect for “mixed” environments.

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